How does Amazon choose who is "Amazon Choice" amongst sellers?


Hi All-
My sales have been sluggish lately, and I noticed upon searching for my products on Amazon that there are other sellers listed as “Amazon choice” and my listing only shows up on the bottom of the page. Is this something they pay for, or is it based upon our metrics?


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Greetings Noadiam,

Thanks for your post!

“Amazon’s Choice” is a feature that helps Amazon customers save time and effort when searching for common, everyday items and suggests highly-rated, well-priced products with Prime shipping.

Thanks for taking the time to post your feedback on this program! I have forwarded it internally for review.



I find that many products labeled as Amazon’s Choice are cheap Chinese imports (owned and operated oversees) that are sold at cheap prices via FBA. Because they are cheap, people buy them. Because they are FBA, Amazon makes more money and negative product reviews are more likely to be removed. I could even point out some unsafe Amazon’s Choice products, but who am I but a lil FBM seller in a big ocean.


My products are made in the USA, they are brand specific to our company. We are price competitive, keep our items in stock, and participate in the FBA program on Amazon.

We currently (as of last night) have three products listed as “Amazon Choice.”

We don’t do anything special, we just make sure we have good products and plenty of inventory, that seems to do the trick for us.

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