How do you UNHIDE Restock Suggestions


Once you “hide” suggestion, you cannot create a shipment from Amazon’s Restock Inventory dashboard. How do we “unhide” a previously “hidden” product so we can restock?


On the Restock screen, click the Product Settings button. On that screen, click the Generate Report button. You can use the report it generates to set your restock setting by SKU and control if they are hidden are not. Once you have made the changes, just upload it on that same screen.


Tried this. I have 200+ ASINS on Amazon and only 7 items were on this report. Where are the rest of my products so I can “unhide” them?


Then it could be due to the changes that Amazon just made to the restocking report.

See here:


Inventory dashboard states that Amazon recommends 200 units of an item to be restocked. When I click “view all”, the item disappears. Do you think that’s because of these temporary limitations set forth by Amazon? Or because I previously marked “hide recommendation”?


I am guessing it is due to the changes. I just generated a report for mine, and only a handle of my hundreds of SKUs showed on it when normally they are all there. That is how I have gone about unhiding items in the past.


Thank you so much for checking! Much appreciated!

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