How do you ship DVDs? (protection wise)


Do you use bubble wrap for all your DVDs? I know for box sets or high priced items I have no question. I’m starting to get a lot of business though and wonder if its really necessary to use bubble wrap for single, lower priced DVDs in cases? It would cut costs not to use it so much. I buy often on Amazon too and noticed that many of the “megasellers” don’t use it for DVDs. Just wanted to get some opinions on this from more experienced sellers. Thanks!

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Depending on the strength of the dvd case (some are flimsy). I use either plain manilla envelopes (for the sturdy cases) or bubble mailers (for the weak ones). Haven’t had an issue either way in shipping thousands.


B-flute cardboard in rolls is probably less expensive than bubble wrap and very secure if wrapped around a few times and also not weighty for postage. I order the 250 foot roll of 24 inch for about $40 on Ebay including shipping. Then I use a poly envelope for mailing because it’s weather proof and much less expensive than bubble envelopes which can tear during shipping and aren’t as weather proof. The poly envelopes in various sizes can also be ordered from Ebay.


Thank you both. I’ve been using polymailers purchased from eBay and buying bubble wrap in bulk currently. Right now we’re shipping around 200 items a month. Just a small business from our home right now but we keep getting more inventory each month and expecting to continue to grow so its nice to look into different options available.


Good luck you. The b-flute is also easy to use because the corrugated line in the b-flute can be used to cut down the side evenly after placing the width of the item onto the side of the roll to estimate how much is needed. It does require a fair amount of clear packing tape also to make sure the sides are taped securely.

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Ok, I am an over-packaging loon, so know that when you read how I do it.

  1. I place some thin packing material inside the case so that the cd cannot move around inside.
  2. I sandwich the case between two pieces of cardboard.
  3. Cling wrap that
  4. Wrap with bubblewrap
  5. Place in bubble mailer.

Still very lightweight and I feel like it is impervious to stabbing, throwing, or whatever the heck else might occur to it on its merry way.


I’ve never run into a flimsy DVD case. In my experience, DVD cases are much less liable to damage than CD
cases are. I used to overwrap, but no more; now I tape my packing list right on the DVD case, but the whole thing in a #2 padded envelope, and mail. I can’t recall EVER getting one complaint of damaged or
lost shipments.

$.22 cost of packaging using this method.

Then, using Amazon postage, postage is NORMALLY $2.05, including Amazon’s fees + D.C. (which is free).

Which means I don’t lose money on shipping. Plus it takes about 1 minute. Even though I tape the envelope, too!



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This is what a “flimsy” dvd case looks like on the inside -

These don’t hold up very good, even in racks at stores. I’ve seen dvds on store shelves with holes completely through the shrinkwrap and cover art. Easiest way to tell if a new sealed dvd is in one of these cases is to squeeze the middle of the case on the back and front - it’ll squeeze so much that both sides of the case will touch.


"I buy often on Amazon too and noticed that many of the “megasellers"
don’t use it for DVDs. Just wanted to get some opinions on this from
more experienced sellers. Thanks!”

This is only my thought but I usually try to do the opposite of what a “megaseller” would do. I’m not exactly barrelled over with their listing quality, condition notes, etc. I don’t buy from them so I don’t know how they package.

I think the cost of small bubble wrap bought in large quantity for a fairly reasonable price is a very good investment just in case…

I wrap everything I ship in bubble wrap. Sometimes I may add cardboard if needed but to my thinking…why take a chance on something arriving damaged or cracked when a small amount of proactivity might keep bad feedback away?

An ounce of prevention and all that jazz…:wink:

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Had one seller ship a dvd to me with a small square of bubblewrap put on top of the disk that is locked into the case - seems to keep the disk(s) from coming loose during shipment – thought it was a great idea and have used it ever since on opened dvds. Lynne


That is exactly what I do.


I received a CD from a megaseller listed in “very good” condition. It looked like the incredible hulk smashed it. Case was smashed, CD looked like it had been polished with sandpaper. They just don’t care.

I get carried away with packaging but before when I simply slipped a dvd into a standard bubble mailer, I had no issues.


I use padded mailers. New DVDs go in “as is”. Pre-viewed DVDs I slip into paper sleeves inside their case before packing in the mailers.

No bubble wrap.


You should use cushioned mailers for DVD’s.




I want to also reply to your thread but also “side-track” it a little bit.

I make sure that the DVD’s that I ship to my buyers are received in the same condition as when they left my place of business.

I use Multi-D boxes with bubble wrap around the DVD and a poly bag to make sure that the DVD won’t receive any water damage if left on the porch.

I am probably a little bit “obsessive” in my packaging of DVD’s and that was why I was very interested in reading your thread regarding the packaging that other sellers use.

As far as “side-tracking” your thread just a little bit, I am very curious to hear from the other posters who have shared their DVD packaging methods, what they feel that their % of feedback is for the DVD’s that they ship.

Even though I’m pleased with my current packaging method for DVD’s, it appears that my buyers aren’t reciprocally pleased with my packaging as I rarely receive any feedback on my DVD orders.

I am still trying to figure out why that is. (Perhaps the buyers I ship to are more into “green” packaging?)

Anyway, just wanted to keep the discussion going on what works best to protect DVD’s in transit and also please the buyers enough to possible warrant or generate a feedback response.

Thank you for the interesting thread.




So if you do this packaging method for your DVD’s how many feedback responses have you received from your buyers so far?



For standard dvd’s, slipping them as is into a bubble mailer should be more than sufficient.


I just use size 0 bubble mailers for standard DVDs/blu-rays or a size 1 or 2 for anything somewhat larger (like a small box set). I have shipped thousands that way with very few problems. If it’s really heavy or oddly shaped, I bubble wrap it and use a small box, usually recycled from Amazon.

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