How do we report fake reviews?


How can we get rid of fake reviews? For instance this product has reviews by all female names…talking about their beards and mustaches! In broken english too!



Report to Seller Support and they will forward the notice to the proper department.

I believe it is Amazon Community Violations, but I can’t remember the direct email offhand.


Wow! Those really are some crazy reviews by the ladies! Pretty obvious…


Well, you forgot transgender people. Transmen have beard if they would like to grow one. They may not have legally changed their names yet. So it’s best not to jump to conclusion.


Some reviews are written by women who brought the product for their partner. There is one review done by a person with a male name, yet the person mention “my husband.” This can be a gay couple in a civil union, calling each other husband. As I mention, these reviewers might be transmen, who might use the product. So you are making assumptions about buyers.


If you click on each reviewers’ name, it is interesting how they all reviewed the same product(s) besides the 'stache wax; … sold by the same vendor… , or same 3 vendors


Greetings, TheStacheman,

If you have concerns regarding Product Reviews, you can [contact Seller Support|] with the following information:

  • ASIN
  • Date of the review
  • Title of the review
  • Author of the review
  • Copy of the review
  • Direct link to the review (if possible)
  • Explanation of why reviews should be considered for removal
    Seller Support will forward your concerns to the Communities team, who handles Customer Review issues.

A member of the Communities team will contact you directly with a resolution, or if more information is needed.


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