How do i ship directly from supplier to Amazon?


Do i make my Purchase order the FBA shipment id and the make the shipping address to the specific amazon fulfillment center/ warehouse?


I see you have had other questions about FBA so hopefully you are working on your shipping plan.

You didn’t say whether or not your supplier is overseas. US manufacturer is simpler. But if it does not have UPCs or you are using Amazon barcode, they will have to apply the labels.

After you have the shipping addresses for each warehouse, you can send them the box labels, after you have chosen the shipper.

If you ask more specific questions others who have done this can be of more help

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Its a US shipper. Problem is that i usually send the supplier an FBA shipment label to use. This time, i suspect they didn’t use my labels because they sent the packages to the warehouse using their own Fedex tracking number. I asked the supplier what happened and was told that they just put my labels on the box but used their fedex account to send the packages to the warehouse of my choice. Problem is that, now, the tracking numbers in my shipment id is not being updated and the reps i chat or speak with on the phone tend to not have a clue what they’re talking about. I keep telling them that i didn’t ship the packages but they keep telling me that “since i used an Amazon partner, everything is fine”. I keep telling them to contact the warehouse to make sure they’re in possession of the item but its like pulling teeth. It’s extremely difficult to communicate with them properly.


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That’s not good.

Without the Amazon labels they cannot identify the shipment as yours. All I can suggest is you keep trying to get through and possibly succeed in putting that warehouse on notice.

I’m really not sure what they do with packages that arrive without the official labels. Based on some of the questions we get in FBA forum, I’m surprised that there aren’t packages heaped around the doors of Seattle headquarters every morning.

That second label that they scan - the smaller one is the one that connects it with your shpment and that is missing. And there is no backup packing list in the boxes, like there used to be, to identify the shpment.

So it’ll either sit there till they figure it out or they’ll return it to sender. Really you’d be better off if they did just that, and it got relabeled correctly and re-sent.

You have a pretty big bone to pick with your shipper for disregarding your instructions. And it was NOT sent partnered carrier if they used their own FedEx account. So they will get the bill, and most likely Amazon’s rate would have been cheaper, but they’ll bill you their shipping rate for your Lost in Space packages.


I send my own products over, but isn’t the answer to the question answered on it’s own? I’m not sure how someone here can help answer how to ship something from a distributor to Amazon, when the answer is simply send them a label?

I would advise, just my 2 cents, avoiding having someone else send your products to Amazon for you. Unless you are willing to deal with situations like this frequently, I would stop having anyone do it except for your staff.

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