How do I report another seller stealing my listing?


I manufacture and sell my own clothing line.

Today I noticed one of my listings saying “2 offers available” and another seller is listing my item for $2.99.

They have 2 1-star ratings for not shipping items. How can I get this removed? I do not wholesale and I produce in house. There’s no way they have access to my items, at least not in new condition to resell for $2.99


Look up how to do a test buy.


Are you copywrited or other protection? Send a cease and desist email. Then test buy and report incorrect item faults.


Thanks! My brand name is copyrighted, yes. But not each garment… I’m not sure how that works.

I’ll do the test buy, but I thought in clothing category, other sellers had to have permission from the original brand to be able to sell branded items. I had to apply and get permission as a manufacturer to sell my own brand so I’m pretty irritated someone else was able to jump onto it.

Although, I do realize amazon doesn’t really enforce it… it’s the exact reason Birkenstock doesn’t sell their shoes here anymore… too many knock offs.

But thanks for the help.


If they already have 2 negs for not shipping, they should be gone soon.

Before doing a test buy, you might want to contact Seller Support, mark it urgent, and report that seller, emphasizing that they have 2 negs for not shipping products and are likely scammers.

Also send them a Cease and Desist. They will ignore it and won’t answer you, so I’d send it about twice a day. That will flag them for late messages and may speed up the process of them going bye-bye.

Absolutely disgusting they don’t give brand registereed and trademarked owners the right to say who sells their products.

If this happens often, get an attorney to complain to Amazon about IP infringement, which normally blocks the listing immediately.


Thank you! And yeah… I actually looked at what else they are selling and they have almost 140,000 item listings. All priced at $2.99 plus shipping. I’m fairly certain they will be gone soon but I’ll flag amazon too.

And no… first time it’s happened to me.


Also, I guess I’m way more worried about someone leaving bad feedback on my listing because who knows what that seller is actually shipping. If anything at all.


Report such Just Launched (Scam) sellers yourself, using the following format:

Please, be patient. Some are removed within hours, some may take a week, but ultimately, the majority are removed, if you follow the below format.

Make a very simple list of all sellers, you are reporting:

1. Seller’s name:

Link to their storefront:

2. Seller’s name:

Link to their storefront:

3. Seller’s name:

Link to their storefront:


Message: We believe above sellers are engaging in fraudulent activity. Please investigate.

Subject of email: Possible fraudulent sellers.

Email the list, directly to:

Do not use the terms, “fake” or “counterfeit”.

Do not add anything to the above message.

Do not repeat names of sellers that you previously reported.
(In other words, if you are sending daily or weekly reports, do not add the same seller’s name to another list.)

Amazon is well aware of the problem, but you do need to report them, as I posted above.

The main reason for brevity, is to make sure your report is read and understood. Seller performance likely receives thousands of emails a day and anything to make it easier for them, will make it more efficient for you.


Thank you! Email sent. And I also used the listing violation form on amazon’s website with a link to their store and the asin of my listing.

Hopefully won’t be long… they now have 4 feedbacks for non delivery or item not as described


I have this issue almost everyday on more than half of my SKUs. Essentially, scam sellers just list my items for $2-3 (Mostly $15-20 items).

We use sponsored product ads and what happens is that we spend hundreds of dollars everyday and customers end up purchasing from the scammer instead. Most of the time the sellers are “Just Launched” and since we know ourselves the manufacturing cost, supplier list, etc, we know it’s impossible they have stock.

I got a nice credit card with a HUGE credit line (think $100k) with no annual APR. Of course, this may not be accessible to everyone. But, essentially every morning I check all the listings for scam offers and I just buy them out. Whether they be $2 for 1000 units, or $15 for 5000 units. I just buy every single one.

Two weeks later, Amazon has to process a full refund because either A) the item never comes or B) the item is counterfeit. The A to Z claim always takes care of it. You can then collect all the order IDs and hire an attorney to start making brand gating requests on your behalf if you are a big enough brand. We have over 100 SKUs, so brand gating is almost essential for us. We expect to have our brand gated within the next few weeks. We have vendor relations which makes the process slightly easier, but you can do it even if are a third-party only.

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So this is the response I got from amazon…


We reviewed your report and determined that it is incomplete. We cannot take action on or
complete any of your requests. Please resubmit your report with all the required
information as listed below.

– Identification of the intellectual property right asserted, by registration number, if

– A statement by you that you have a good-faith belief that the use of the infringing
content is not authorized by the rights owner, its agent, or the law.

– A statement by you, made under penalty of perjury, that the [above] information in
your notice is accurate and that you are the rights owner or authorized to act on the
rights owner’s behalf.

All notices of intellectual property infringement must include:
– The name and email address of the person submitting the notice, plus any additional
contact details.
– The rights owner name, if the notice is submitted by an agent of the rights owner.
– Identification of the intellectual property right asserted, by registration number, if
– Identification of the specific content on Amazon believed to be infringing, by ASIN or
– Statement that the information in the notice is accurate.
– Statement that the submitter is authorized to act on behalf of the rights owner and
has a good-faith belief that the use of the content is not authorized by the rights
owner, its agent, or the law.

Note that the fraud seller now has 15 1-star reviews all for not shipping, item not as described or some even saying outright fraud seller. And no reviews greater than 1 star. I’m so mad!! It’s obviously a fraud account and it’s on me to prove it? When multiple customers are leaving feedback for items not even shipping.



Don’t do anything until you confirm those 2 things.

Copyright doesn’t really mean anything unless its a book or something.


Because you are claiming infringement instead of following the format I posted. I very clearly explain what NOT to include.

The minute you change the format or start going on and on, with “infringement” or IP rights, it’s kicked into a different department and yes, you will be required to back up your claims with the requested paperwork.

Either you want them off your listings, ASAP, by using the format I posted or go hire a lawyer and file for infringement and do it the hard way.

Good luck.


So they just get away with it? I mean, even copyright, if they aren’t in the US, it won’t have any affect anyways.


I didn’t claim infringement… I used the EXACT email you listed and that was the response I got. Amazon doesn’t care.

I’m just going to buy all their stock and file A-Z claims. although Im worried that will just make them list more on my items.


I’m not claiming infringement… the seller is on my listing selling my items for $2.99 and then not shipping anything!


You have a lifetime limit as a buyer on the number of A-Z you can claim. Be careful.

Also NEVER leave feedback on another seller.

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