How do I report a seller that wont send a refund?


Bought and item and got an approval to return the item, but the seller never sent me a refund. How do I contact Amazon and report this?


Once the seller receives the item back, you will be refunded within 2 days.


The status of the order says they will process a refund when the item is received, but it has been returned for several days to the vendor. I do not see an option to report a problem.


In other words, they have the item but are not sending a refund.


Did you return the item using the pre-paid return form sent to you by Amazon ?

Maybe the seller is waiting for the item to be returned to their location before issuing a refund.


Do you have tracking for your return package, and does the tracking indicate that the item has been received by the seller?


Haaaaaaave you sent the seller a message???

#8 service
1 (888) 280-4331


I mean YOU are a seller right? What would you do?


Who else thought this may have been one of their customers lol


Yes, I have sent multiple messages to the seller and they received the item back over a week ago.


I used the label provided by the seller and paid for the postage.


Send a note to the seller asking them why they haven’t refunded you. If they continue not to answer, contact amazon customer service.

You have the option of stepping it up to an a to z claim but you will need to have your tracking number and proof that the item was returned to win on the claim.


Just chatted with Amazon and they say I will have a refund in 3 to five days. Thanks everyone.


good to hear …


I wonder why the return label issued by Amazon wasn’t already paid for ?

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