How do I put in a different shipping zip code for shipping?


The PO I use most is not the same zip code as my business zip code. Where can I enter a different ships from zip code? I actually use 3 different PO’s depending on which direction I’m going. I live out in the country.


To edit this information, use the Shipping Settings page in your Seller Account.

The link below will take you directly to the page so you can make the necessary changes:


This is different. The return address that prints on the label is not based on the ‘Ship From’ zip code you mentioned. Unlike other settings, you have to make this change while purchasing a label.

Click the ‘Buy Shipping’ button on an order you need to ship. At the top of the page you will see the Return address and it will have ‘edit’ link to the right of it. Click it. Make your change and save. Print your label. The subsequent labels will have the new address.


I put in the zip code for the the ships from location but when I printed out my postage it still shows the other zip code as ships from.


Thank you ! I’ll try that next time!


I tried that suggestion but that will give me a return address with the wrong zip code. There isn’t a way to put in just a shipped from zip code. I don’t want my return address to be wrong if I put in the zip code for the PO I want to use.


This is correct - Amazon does not allow us to change the “ship from” ZIP code. I have opened a case and been told “thanks, we’ll look into it.”
Drives me nuts. It’s the only shipping service that you can’t change the “ship from” zip.
Your only option is to use another shipping service or deal with your post office’s annoyance. They are legally required to accept all packages, but since their budget is derived from the amount of traffic they can document, they do like the zip code to reflect their office.


Thanks for the info. Paypal and Etsy both let you do that. I’ll just have to plan my trips accordingly. That’s a pain but…no other choice.

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