How do i get ratings?


Hi, i sell a lot of small items, and i’d like to know the best way to go about asking customers for ratings?..they used to have a button that allowed you to contact them for that reason, but it seems to be gone. What should i do? Is there some new standard on this issue? -Kate


There is a new button that asks for reviews. In general Amazon sellers get maybe 1% feedback.


where is this located?..i looked through the Orders menu?


It’s on the order detail page.

It will not appear right away.

Which is as it should be as you don’t want to send a request until a few days after they receive the order.


i went 3 weeks back to request in reverse, and the tab gives you several options, but request review/feedback doesnt seem to be one of them anymore.


No tabs on that page.

The order detail page.



If you are going to do this, it will probably help if you have more precise usage.
Sellers are rated with feedback.
Products are rated with reviews.


That’s true.

But, as it happens – the button requests both.