How do I cancell FBA?


I did not mean to sig up for FBA. How do I cancel it?


No one signs up for FBA. If you do not want to use it, then do not send your product to FBA.


THANKS for the speedy and informative reply. I do not know anything about FBA but needed to signup in order to ship an item to Europe. Do you know if I can use FBA to ship just 1 isolated item?


FBA means fulfilled by Amazon. You send your product in to their warehouse.

What does Amazon have to do with shipping an item to Europe? You would use USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL etc


international shipments require seller to signup with FBA (Fufilled by Amazon).


No they do not. There is no sign up for FBA.

What is your end goal? You want to list a product for sale and you know the buyer will be from europe?


Buyer want sot purchase a book in my Amazon inventory. But she is in the Netherlands so asked if I could ship internationally — which my current settings do not allow.


SEE: " You need to set up your account under Settings / Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) / Export Settings (at the bottom of the page) to enable your ability to have anything sent internationally."


You just need to edit your sku to allow international shipping. But before you do, you need to figure out what the cost to ship it will be. As you know Amazon only charges a set amount and that set amount may not cover your shipping. If so, you will need to increase the price of the book.


Thanks but please advise how and where I edit sku to allow international shipping. Can you attach a SS?


From the Seller Central page, click on “Settings” (near the right edge of screen). Select “Shipping Settings”. Scroll down until you see a button for “Edit Template”, and click on it. Scroll down to “Add New Shipping Rule” and click on that. From there, you should be able to add shipping to the country you need.

I have only one template, so if you use multiple, there may be something to select the right one for that product.

You might need to have a professional account to do this (FBA not required). And make sure that you know in advance what shipping will cost you; some shipments to Europe that I’ve sent have cost 3-4x as much in postage as the item (and IIRC, Netherlands is one of the highest; might be $40-$50)


Thanks, Nisha!


It seems I don’t have individual countries as you describe, Nisha:


That looks very different from what I see. Are you on the Professional plan? That might be the difference.

Otherwise, I don’t know what to tell you.


Your default shipping template shows “Yes” for International. So, if your book is assigned to your default shipping, it can be shipped international.

As @JwsMarket and @Picks_by_Nisha pointed out to you, if the set amount for shipping is lower than what it will cost you to ship, make sure you raise the book price to cover the difference, and remember that Amazon will keep 15% of the amount you raise the price by. So, if you raise the price by $10, you will only receive $8.50 of that to help with your shipping cost.