How can the money of sellers and buyers on AMAZON be stolen?


My name is and until now I had a seller account on Amazon for 1 hour. I want to let you know that this AMAZON platform is made to steal money from customers and sellers. This sale-purchase platform was made in order to deceive sellers and buyers using methods that bypass the normal financial-accounting laws for a civilized trade. Everything I say can be demonstrated without any problem, because I withdrew 90% of the products exposed for this online theft platform.


Care to explain more further how in your whole hour of being a seller you feel Amazon is stealing?


Who is asking


Well now we know why you had an account for only 1 hour!

You come to this forum making a statement and don’t bother to state any facts.


I’m sorry I had an account from May 2019


Might need a little more information than that if you want someone here to help with your problem.


Ok, so you did not make it a year. Either way, do you want to post some facts to substantiate your statement?


I understand that this forum is only on the Amazon platform but I will publish everything that demonstrates this deception


Thank you for the heads up! I will discontinue my business immediately!