How can I sell my used books and what's the procedure?


I would like to sell my used books(slightly used and good condition) here in amazon, and who will responsible for packaging and wondering what’s the procedure to them in amazon?


thanks to all your very informative and helpful answer, it saves me a tons of reading just to know all these things.


Ultimately, you are responsible for everything.

You can hire Amazon to ship your books for you. It is called FBA. Look it up in the help files here:

You have unfortunate timing. Amazon charges for book storage change during the year, and we are just entering the period when those charges are highest. In other words, this is the riskiest time to start selling through FBA.


Perhaps some perspective may help.

When you sell on Amazon, there are two ways of shipping/packing books: FBA and FBM.
Both require that you list the books for customers to see.

FBM ( aka fulfilled by merchant ) means that when the customer orders a book, the merchant ( you ) packs and ships the book.

FBA ( fulfilled by Amazon ) means that you ship all the books to Amazon before the customer orders them. When the customer does place an order, Amazon packs the book and ships it.


Also, make sure you know the Amazon guidelines for grading a book’s condition. They are quite specific, and if you grade incorrectly you will not satisfy your customers, they will begin returning books to you and giving you negative feedback, and before long Amazon will invite you to remove yourself from selling on the site.

New books are new. Period. And they can have no other condition descriptions added (like “New, except for the writing on pages 10-11”). We recommend grading conservatively, so that buyers will be pleasantly, instead of UNpleasantly, surprised when their book arrives.

Add up all of your costs, including for your postage and packing materials, your time, and all of Amazon’s selling fees, before you decide on a selling price or else you may be coming back to this forum to ask “Why am I losing money on every sale I make on Amazon!??”"



If you are just looking to sell some used books, say, under 100, then you would probably want to be an Individual seller and avoid paying $39.99 per month for a pro account. You would have to sell 40 books a month before the $39.99 would be offset by the per-item fee.

FBA isn’t really worthwhile for a small seller. It is a big hassle to get your books to a Fulfillment Center, and you have to pay for storage.

How it works is that if a book you’ve listed sells, Amazon sends you an email telling you about it. You then get the information by logging on to your Seller Central. This is the only way to receive accurate information about a sale, because Amazon never lists buyer information in an email.

You are responsible for packaging the book and sending it to the buyer so that it arrives on time. You must ship in 1-2 business days.

All this is explained in Seller Help, which you can access once you have a seller account.


First - make sure your books are worth selling! It’s quite possible to lose money by selling common books for the current Amazon going prices. You have to do packing & shipping and be ready to answer questions on a daily basis.

Ignore FBA - it’s not suited for the type of selling you want to do.

Then just start listing your books for sale. If you start selling over 20 a week, consider if you want to sign up for a pro account.


Oh, and one more thing: your book has to match EXACTLY the Amazon product page you list it under. Same date, ISBN (if it has one), publisher, etc. This can get confusing sometimes because it’s not unusual for Amazon itself to get some of these things wrong. (The easiest thing is to look up the book by its ISBN and check it against the other details on the product page just to make certain that your book is going to the right place.)


You do it all. But before you do anything read the agreement/site rules and especially your responsibilities for refunds and returns. Also pay special attention to the fee schedule so you can price your items correctly. If you are not willing to do at least that much (I would guess 4-8 hours depending on your absorbtion rate) then say good by Amazon, hello Craig’s List/ebay)


What kind of books are you wanting to sell?


FBA has fees for the activities of picking/packing/shipping/storage/returns/etc

FBM you perform those functions.

Unless you have items that are excellent sellers with numerous of the same item FBA is a no brainer no go.


Sign Up

Click “Sell Yours”

Follow Instructions…

You package the book and send it as the AZ invoice Tells You…


There’s an excellent chance that your books are not worth selling online.

Check the prices that your books are being offered for before making the effort to list and sell them on Amazon.


Keep your eyes on the Amazon fees big time. You might want to sell just a few items on Amazon before you dedicate any time to listing a whole bunch of items. It is very easy to sell a book for 3 or 4 dollars and somehow end up still losing money. That’s true even if you’re getting books for free.


If you want to go into business, for the long-term,
then you have plenty of good suggestions, above.

But if you just want to unload your old books to
make more room, and maybe collect a little walking
around money in the process, opening your garage
door and putting a sign out front would be a whole
lot less hassle, and would quite likely net you a little
more money, after accounting for expenses.

And, of course, you wouldn’t have to file a Schedule C
with your taxes, in the latter case. :wink:

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