How can I receive a offer from amazon lending....?


I am asking this question in regards to the fact that I have never been offered a loan by amazon lending. I do have a pro selling account I gross over $45,000 sales a month but yet I have never received a single offer or any information about it I know I cant be the only one this is happening to, is there any way to increase my chances to get a invitation, Any info would be greatly appreciated.


you must have excellent customer service and metrics that is all


This thread contains some of the requirements taken from the lending help page in seller central.


I get offers all the time!


Amazon’s financing terms are not all that great. If you’re with a Credit Union and have excellent credit, then you can get lines of credit equal to about 1 - 2 months sales (depending on margins and variance) for under 4.0% APR.


Amazon Lending

Amazon Lending is an invite-only program to provide loans to sellers to help them grow their business on Amazon.

The program is for qualified sellers in the US who have a proven record of providing the highest level of customer satisfaction. We continuously evaluate sellers for the program and communicate loan invitations through a link on the Seller Central homepage and via email.

Among other criteria, we consider the following before inviting sellers to apply for a loan:

Registered 1099-K in a US state where Amazon Lending is available (see below)
Amazon selling history of at least 12 months
Total sales of at least $10,000 in the previous 12 months
Customer Satisfaction metrics (found on your Customer Satisfaction page)
Outstanding copyright or trademark infringement complaints
No serious customer complaints in the past six months (found on your Performance Notifications page)
Compliance with Amazon listing Style Guides (e.g., compliant image quality, no seller-specific information in ASIN listing information)
No previous Amazon Lending loans issued in the past 33 days

We strive to serve as many of our sellers as possible and use additional criteria that may change over time to assess the credit worthiness of all applicants.


How did that answer help any seriously.


Do you have any policy warnings or notifications on your account?


you got all that from " I get offers all the time!"? Impressive.


The part where it states invitation only and not available in all states might have provided some insight…

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