How can I get the information back from deleted products?



I deleted several products yesterday from my inventory and would like to get the information back. Is this possible?



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Unfortunately, once a product in your inventory has been deleted, it is gone forever and you will have to list it again.

Thank you for your inquiry.


Define ‘Deleted’

If you just set quantity to ‘0’ then they will be in your inactive inventory …

If you chose ‘Delete Product and SKU’ then they are gone.


BARB ?! You mean you don’t keep a database ?!

For such a long time seller to not … well I’m devastated … just devastated. You should know better.


I guess it is too late for those listings, but FWIW I save all my listing confirmation emails in their own folder. It occasionally comes in handy to have that easily searchable folder on my hard drive.



Is there any way you can go into your History folder and have them come up?
Just a suggestion. Probably won’t work, because the page is gone.


I am database-free. :slight_smile:

I take how I conduct my business on amazon dead seriously, but it is not income I depend on. (To wit, I closed my store for a brief vacation in April, got occupied with other stuff, and have yet to reopen.) I still think of it as my fun hobby.

I just don’t feel like it would be a disaster if I had to start over. The main reason I am here is that I truly enjoy all aspects of it, and it wouldn’t kill me to relist my items with fresh eyes.

Meanwhile, when it comes to amazon, I am upload/download paranoid. I have never had a sale of a “zombie listing” or similar problem in nearly ten years, and it seems to me that my manual listing and editing could be the reason. I would not find selling here as enjoyable if I were dealing with any of the awful purge-and-replace disasters I have read about here.

My husband thinks spreadsheets are fun. They give me the willies. Or is it the heebie-jeebies? I can never tell them apart.

I almost mentioned the database option in my reply to the OP, but decided to leave that to one of you who could actually respond if the next question were, “How?”



Thanks everyone for your responses. I just have to be careful before deleting products next time. I have not managed my inventory at Amazon in a long time and while I do have a spreadsheet, I never linked the skus to what I have in the Amazon db. Now I have the painful task to try to figure out what products I deleted that match what I have in a spreadsheet.

Bringing the inventory to 0 initially might be a good idea.

Thank you!

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