How can I get the buyer's name and address and the logistics information of the package through the Amazon MWS API?


I’ve got the developer ID, and I’m developing a website for ERP within our company.
We found that the buyer’s name and address could not be obtained.
I have sought Amazon Seller Support and they told me that Personally Identifiable Information (PII) has been removed from the Amazon MWS API.
I have some doubts about this, because third-party ERP software can get PII (the order contains the buyer’s name and address).
what should I do?
In addition, how to obtain the logistics information of the FBA order package?



PII info is restricted unless you meet Amazons system/security requirements. In addition, if you do get access to the data, you are not allowed to retain it for more than 30 days. If you were not given access to the data when you first applied, I think you need to reapply.


Given the liabilities of PII, the big question is why would you the developer or your end-users want this information? Per Amazon’s TOS since you can’t use this information to contact the buyer or delivery address, I just can’t see any legitimate use for this information for an FBA merchant.


That is to say, Amazon MWS API developer account has different permissions. . .


Agreed with the different permissions but this is for FBA shipping and you should not need this unless you are doing MCF and with that you only need to have the order entered.


Yes, I will not abuse PII information, but I cannot prove to Amazon.
So is the logistics information of FBA package also unable to get information from API? For example, I cannot know when the package was delivered to the buyer


This is all stuff you pay Amazon to handle for you. Why are you wanting to do it all again yourself?

I haven’t called this in a while, but doesn’t it still return the tracking?


Agreed all Amazon customer wants is the product and all you want is to call the tracking to see delivery.