How can I fix my newly opened seller account has been suspended


have a nice day,
please help me to activate my account. I just registered and do not know exactly where I am wrong. The characters I wrote at my address may not be the same as my address and my name written on my credit card statement and on my internet bill. Please help me fix them. I would like you. I want to be an active Amazon dealer too. I uploaded the necessary documents again. But as I wrote above, my address and my name may differ from the letters on my credit card statement. please help me.


@cicekstore Hi, I’ve been facing the same issue, got suspended right after registration and successful verification of the account, I have no clue why this happened, and didn’t get any clarity from customer support as well.

It’ll be very helpful if any experienced sellers can guide us what are we doing wrong?


All new accounts go through a verification process that takes between 30-45 days.
Give them time to wade through the hundreds of daily applications. It takes time.
Do not keep uploading your paperwork - unless they ask.
Do not email them for a status. Do not open cases to query the situation. Every time you contact them, your application goes back to the bottom of the pile.
You must be patient. If they need anything, they will contact you.
Otherwise, you must await their decision.

All documentation that you send them must match Exactly how your Amazon account reads.
You will need to make any outside changes to comply.