How are your FBA shipments costs post FedEx break up?


We are just making our first FBA shipment since the FedEx/Amazon breakup and noticed to our horror that UPS is charging around 30-40% more than what we paid with FedEx as a partnered carrier. Same packaging dimensions we’ve always used. Anyone else experiencing this? Anyone have good work arounds?



They’ve always been higher but I didn’t realize it was that much. I always thought it was 10-15%.

Maybe they raised their prices when the competition went away.


I pay 25-30 cents per lb UPS. never used FedEx. What is showing as your cost?


if your margins are so low that shipping cost fluctuations become important you are selling wrong products at wrong prices.
Amazon does offer better pricing, but it shall be just a nice bonus. You should make enough money with you own shipping. Don’t get addicted to Amazon


.92 lbs. At least on this last shipment.


The answer to this question won’t tell you much, because distance to the warehouse affects the cost greatly, too.


I’m noticing too that our standard outgoing box 24x24x18 is hitting some overcharge with UPS. Man am I going to miss using fedex. We have great margins but paying an extra $1 a unit for shipping is a BIG number at the end of the fiscal year…


If I’m not mistaken - Amazon has dropped their contract with FedEx for use in shipping from Amazon. I don’t think they are bothered by an incoming package shipped FedEx to the warehouse.


Just prepped a box today; under Fed-Ex, same weight to same FC was a little under $6; with UPS, it’s $7.40. So about 25% more.

But what I’ll really miss is being able to drop off at Walgreen’s, where they have parking and shopping carts you can put your boxes in, rather than having to park a block or two from the UPS store and use a hand-truck. :frowning: