HOU3 hazmat shipment being returned insufficient address


I spent $80 shipping a package in to HOU3. I confirmed with my label i had the correct address. What can i do? I am seeing other forum entries that HOU3 will not accept USPS shipments. So who is refunding my $80 and what other warehouses for HAZMAT are going to do this to me?


Why are you not sing an Amazon partnered carrier?


You must have missed that I said it was HAZMAT. I haven’t spent $500 to get my hazmat cert so i can use another carrier other than USPS


I may well be misunderstanding, here, so if you don’t mind if I’d like to ask if you’d mind confirming whether or not both of the following statements are true:

  • You created a HazMat-compliant FBA Inbound Shipping Plan in Seller Central (not in Vendor Central) which produced a label for delivery to HOU3

  • Amazon offered a direct choice to use USPS as a Partnered Carrier in creating the label for said plan


Vivid_Kitchen… generally most Hazmat just needs to be properly marked, & go ground shipping not air…

We have all these cool Hazmat labels that you stick on things… Uline probably sells them…

Most deliveries at where houses are made by appointment, USPS does not have the ability to make appointments, most warehouses do not have mailboxes, for USPS to put things in… They have huge 10 ft fences, & guard Shacks, casual visitors are not allowed… And that probably includes the mailman…


Wow, do you think i am new? I have been shipping hazmat for 2 years and selling on amazon since 2005, get off your high horse. I have also been to multiple amazon warehouses. You did not address my concern in any way. But perhaps your ego needs to come down a tad ya think?


You cannot use amazon labelling to ship hazmat. Clearly you don’t ship hazmat so perhaps don’t reply?


I just got a box back from HOU3… you’re not the only one.


Yes, I know that - we’ve been in the HazMat Program for years - that’s why I asked the questions that I did, because it wasn’t clear to me that you did.


Please go on usps website and open a case also. its been 2 days and customer service hasn’t responded yet, but this is a big deal and this local usps needs to start scheduling appts and delivering packages!!!


Great, can you tell me what company you used to get your hazmat cert and what carrier you use. When i talked to FXG they told me it would take months potentially for a sales rep to be able to assign my account for hazmat after i provide cert. Lion wants $500 for cert. Irritating as i spent years at FXG teaching the hazmat class to pkg hndlrs and contractors.


Not sure if its the same thing but i took the fedex course and it was only about 160.00. I can ship fedex hazmat now but havent yet. google shipsafeshipsmart. After i took the course it was only like 2 days to get enabled on my account.


Sorry, some Amazon locations do not play with USPS. Yes, it is odd. I agree it was less than $200 to be able to ship FedEx. Not really sure, it was awhile ago.