Hope get Amazon support and protection


We launched a new listing on June, the sale price is $26.99 - $27.99, we invested a lot of advertising, and sales have been steadily rising. But from July7, this listing had been maliciously sold several times with very low price $1.99, $2.99$, $2.88, it caused this listing has not Buy Box with normal sale price($26.99-27.99) from August. We reported this case to Amazon and contact Amazon customer service many times, but each time we receive a reply from Amazon customer service: The Buy box is decided by Amazon system, it can not be controlled by us, I am sorry, we can not help you! We tried various ways to hope that this listing could regain the Buy Box, but the only way to get Buy box is to cut the price and drop it to the low price of being maliciously sold, but this price is not enough to pay Amazon’s commission and FBA fees. Our product costs are relatively high, and the current sales price basically has no profit! We can’t do price reduction. This listing has not been in the buy box for half a month. The sales from 50-60pcs/day to 5-6pcs/day now. We have arranged a large amount of items sent to the Amazon warehouse. However, because there is no buy box, we can’t advertise or participate in any Amazon activities! We don’t know how to deal with these thousands of stocks now.
In addition, there has always been a doubt, why Amazon does allow a listing to be sold by different sellers at the same time? But at the same time open a transparent plan? If you want to protect your listing from being sold by other sellers, you must join the transparency plan, but you must pay for transparent plan. For Amazon, the label fee is $0.05/pcs.

We understand that Amazon wants buyers to have more choices when the buyers choose the product, But Amazon should know that you can’t fully control all sellers, if you allow a listing to be sold by different sellers without any requests, there must have unfair competition and you can’t guarantee that all the sellers are selling the same product, you can’t guarantee these sellers are real sellers. This is NOT fair for some sellers who invested a lot of time and mony to operate this listing.


Just move on and find something else to sell. Feel extremely lucky because this could have been way worse.


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Judy or Dorothy acceptable.


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You have two products listed and have the Buy Box on both of them.


NO, don’t have buy box, only “See All buying Options”.


We have 2000PCS+ this item in Amazon warehouse.


The $1.99 or $2.99 prices are clearly bogus. Sellers who have such crazy low prices will not ship, will get bad reviews and will eventually be suspended.

By the way, I checked your products and your competitors are selling the item at $34.99, JUST LIKE YOU. I think you have not been exactly honest with us here by saying people are selling at them at $1.99. I wonder why you tried to fool us?

The Buy Box is decided on many factors, price being only one. Your competitor has 5,000 feedback ratings (5-star I might add) and you only have 67. Why do you think you deserve the Buy Box over this other seller?


Are you logged in using an account which is outside the area you ship to?

I am logged into a US account. If you were logged into an account in Slovenia, you might not see a Buy Box.