Holidays 2019 december 24th and december 31?


are we going to have holidays off on december 24th and 31st?

so we can plan accordingly. any help would be appreciated.

last year the timing was perfect adn allowed us to take two days off. please help us and or provide us further information.


December 25 and January 1st are holidays and don’t count as shipping days. You will still have to ship on the 24th, 31st.


I will say, last year I didn’t have a single sale on Christmas Eve, one of my only zero days in recollection…though come the 26th gift card recipients began making their purchases…


You can take a day off whenever you want. Amazon only counts USPS holidays. So put your account on vacation or extend your handling time.


how do i go about on doing that?
the vacation isnt gonna affect my metrics for prime fulfilled? as well as the handlign time?
also if we were to change handlign time how do go about doing that for all items rigth away and our items are about 35 0000 up.


Thanks in advance