Hijacked ASIN


Is there anyone that can help me with a hijacking issue of my product?
14 days ago another company (Crescent Warehouse) started using our ASIN B00K0NZQHY, that we have had for almost two years. We (Fiddlerman/Fiddlershop) sell a unique violin bow with our company’s name engraved on it, and we are also the manufacturer. No one can sell a Fiddlerman branded bow but us.
Now, when customers are trying to buy our bow, they automatically end up on Crescent Warehouse and their Crescent Carbon Fiber Bow, which is a totally different product. The 150+ reviews for our Fiddlerman bow ends up under the Crescent bow, which is wrong.
Unfortunately Amazon has not been able to help us yet. We have spoken to about 20 different people, and left numerous tickets. but no success.
If you have any advice on how to get this matter fixed, please let us know what to do.


Thank you so much for your reply!
We tried to order the Crescent bow, but they cancelled our order.
Someone changed the main picture and the main title so it’s not our product anymore.
The Crescent bow shows up with pictures of the Crescent bow. But the reviews are for our Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber bow. We have no idea how Crescent managed to have the title and picture of our ASIN changed.
Since they don’t claim to sell our Fiddlerman bow in the description, I don’t think we will be helped by buying their bow. Am I correct in assuming this?
I’ll definitely try to report via the seller-performance address.
Thanks again!


If it was me I would report them for a listing violation as the Amazon Policy plainly states that when you add to an existing product it must match 100%
You should place another order and keep ordering and letting them cancel it until they ship you the product so you can see if in fact they are different than what you had originally listed.
Did you have a UPC Code on the original listing?
If you did than you should also be able to prove your point with the UPC Code.
Also when you call Amazon Seller Support ask to be transferred to someone in the Catalog Department as they are the ones that have to change it back to your listing and the correct UPC Code.


I hate to even ask, but have you done a test buy of the Crescent Warehouse bow? I also hate seeing when things like this happen to legit sellers.

Sadly, this is the standard response when a problem like yours exists:

In order for our Investigations team to properly investigate this issue, they require the following information:

  • The ASIN of the product’s detail page and the product title.
  • The store or business name of the seller you are reporting.
  • Amazon.com Order ID of a test buy that confirms the violation.
  • A concise description of the differences between the product ordered and the product received.
  • Any other evidence that supports your concern.
  • You will need to perform a test buy to ensure the other seller is offering a product that is materially different from what is being displayed on the detail page.
  • We ask that you report your concern using the following form: http://www.amazon.com/gp/help/reports/contact-us

(Have you tried this email yet? seller-performance-priority@amazon.com)


My pleasure.

Have you done a Google search for B00K0NZQHY? There are a bunch of shady looking links, some of which I won’t even click on, with “Fiddlerman” in the title. I am going to take your side in this and believe you have nothing to do with those links.

I would also keep ordering and let them keep canceling. That will help in presenting your case to Amazon. Why won’t they ship to you? What do they have to hide?

Since Crescent changed the title and the image, garnering all +your+ product reviews, I would not stop escalating this until the problem is fully resolved. It took me 3 months to get bullet points changed on a listing once, but I didn’t stop until they were fixed. Have you been able to get through to the Catalog team yet?

This is really a shame and I wonder how many other sellers they are doing the same thing to?


Something I noticed is they have only been around for less than 12 months (most likely 4 months) versus your item being available for 18+ months.

Crescentwarehouse Feedback

30 days, 90 days, 12 months, Lifetime
Count 39, 136, 156, 156

Date first available at Amazon.com: April 29, 2014


If you can find a google cache (or yahoo cache) of the Amazon page where it shows your brand name and photo instead of the new one that the other seller changed it to, it’s easier to get it changed back. I had a similar situation once and using google cache as proof worked for me in convincing seller support to revert it.

What I did was to open a case with seller support, briefly explained the issue (using very few words so that they would hopefully not overlook the fact that there was more than one thing needing fixing in the listing) and then included the google cache link as my proof. I also marked it urgent.

You can request detail page control, to try to give you control of the listing. Or, you can request that the listing be locked so that only seller support can make changes to it. That way it doesn’t end up being changed back by the other seller.

Edit - did some looking for you. Google cache has the altered info, unfortunately. BUT, I find a cached page of the old info on Bing! Cached link http://cc.bingj.com/cache.aspx?q=B00K0NZQHY+fiddlerman&d=4867195880280497&mkt=en-US&setlang=en-US&w=rv4ckFuFNAOlWG9IhBuKU_5MXVPKXa7j Try using that as proof to seller support that it’s been hijacked and needs to be reverted back. Be sure to clearly point out the different parts that need to be changed
Brand name
Bullet points

I would also give them a link to where they can grab the original photo, if needed.

One thing I noticed in the cached that probably doesn’t need reverting - original version has shipping weight of 0.3 ounces (new has 1 pound).

Best of luck

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Excellent catch by OutWest! Bravo!!

Shows the date of 11/9/15, as well as the ASIN at the top of the page.

Edit: I grabbed several screenshots of the cached page in the event it disappears.

Here’s another. There are three different bow lengths and the image was only changed on the 3/4. Crescent is listing a different bow on your brand listing.



Thank you all so much for caring.

OutWest, you are incredible. I did old cache searches for about 30 minutes and finally gave up. I’m so happy you were able to find that link.
I’m going to use that plus “The T Team’s” response as to the length of time for our product vs “crescentwarehouse” in my bullet points to the catalog department and now have hope that they will correct the ASIN soon.

Another incredible event is that I sent an email to Jeff Bezos (founder and CEO of Amazon.com) who actually read the email and asked someone from the Executive Seller Relations Team to take care of it. UNBELIEVABLE, that he has time to read customers emails. :slight_smile:

15 days at $67.79 times our average of 10 not counting Christmas sales = $10,168.50 that we have missed out on as of today. Our business relys on these sales to make payroll to our employees.

I feel like you are all my new best friends.
Pierre (aka Fiddlerman)


We tried to order the Crescent bow, but they cancelled our order.
Someone changed the main picture and the main title so it’s not our product anymore.

So they cancelled. Then order it again, and again, and again. They cannot keep cancelling without tripping the bots. Seller performance will want a reason, for dropping so many orders.

If they do send the item, I would not open it until I was in the presence of a unbiased party.
In a lawyer’s office, or even in the post office possibly. I would film the opening of the package.

Why–If you have absolute proof of what was delivered, it becomes mail fraud. It is like a bad check. You can send it, but it does not work.

Mail fraud has very big teeth.


I don’t understand why so many people here are telling the OP to order the Crescent bow.

This is not a test buy situation. This is a situation where the product page has been changed to a different product.

Crescent is not selling their bow under the Fiddlerman listing.

Crescent changed the Fiddlerman listing to the Crescent bow.

If the OP orders from Crescent, they will send him the Crescent bow that now appears on the product page that used to be the Fiddlerman bow.

No mail fraud, no grounds for claiming not as described. All the OP can do then is return it for a refund.

Edited to add:

To the OP: This could have happened due to a bad product merge, done by Amazon (and not done by Crescent). Especially the example where only one of the 3 sizes available was changed to Crescent.

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I agree with you onpegasus, If we order a bow from Crescentwarehouse we’ll get the product which is showing at this time. Same as the pictures and same as the description.

Shame that all you guys are better at doing research than the people actually working at Amazon getting paid to solve these issues.

It’s also strange that seller support continuously tell us that they need more proof before changing the product title and picture (which we have been providing) but Crescent was able to do it. How did that happen? Do some sellers have inside guys working for them perhaps?

Thanks for all the screenshots. They may come in very handy.


Even though Crescent added the Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Bow to our ASIN on the 6th we were still able to sell bows. It wasn’t until the 12th that Crescentwarehouse was able to completely change the product. On the 12th we sold 4 and since that we haven’t made any sales on our ASIN.

Nice find. I appreciate it. :slight_smile:


So Just Anyone Can List Just Anything under a Given ASIN…Until Someone Complains?


No solution yet, unfortunately. We have left numerous tickets (chat, email, phone call), but nothing happens. Does anyone have any advice on how to get in touch with the catalog team? Thanks a bunch!


I kept calling and emailing seller support over and over (as you have done), until after nearly 3 months, I finally got a rep who clearly understood the problem and the rep finally forwarded the message to a seller-support rep on the catalog team.

I wish I could offer a solution, but tenacity and persistence are my only suggestions.

Just a thought, since B00K0NZQHY is no longer showing your images and brand, what happens to you when someone orders a “Crescent” bow and receives a +Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber bow+ instead? Have you tried that approach with seller-support yet?

Have you checked the UPC as suggested previously? Is this correct? UPC: 852678901246

Are your original images still available in your Seller Central inventory?


That certainly seems to be the case, but the problem is, they don’t respond to the complaints in many cases, in any event.

It appears, in the OP’s case, there +may have been+ an ASIN merge and Amazon itself changed the image of the bow; but the baffling part remains, who changed the brand from Fiddlerman to Crescent? I would think Crescent did it.


Another problem that may be causing the image change (perhaps by Amazon), several of your MAIN images (including B00K0NZQHY, as still shown on your product page) are showing more than one image, extraneous text and images (i.e.: quality / approved by… seals) that are not allowed:

•MAIN images must show the actual product (not a graphic or illustration), and must NOT show excluded accessories, props that may confuse the customer, text that is not part of the product, or logos/watermarks/inset images.



If the case was that Amazon support didn’t understand the problem they should at least get back to us with questions.
The problem is that they say that it’s being investigated and that it is marked urgent but then no word. How long can it take?
Yes, I have thought of that approach. Someone buys a Crecent bow and gets a Fiddlerman bow. However, the issue is the same. I already provided them with pictures and screenshots.
It seems that Amazon did the merger of our ASIN, perhaps on a pretense that Crescent sells the Fiddlerman bow. After that they managed to get the Catalog department to change both pictures and title. How did THEY manage getting that done. For us just to get it reverted to the rightful owners takes ages. Are they some kind of power seller with more power than us?
We would gladly hire someone to fix this but there is no one.


Have you tried just making changes to the listing using the form for that and attaching a photo of the UPC? Maybe if you don’t get into the whole issue of them hijacking your ASIN and just keep it simple like a normal product page update, you can get an agent who will make the changes as a routine request without getting bogged down in the hijacked page issue.

I’ve made numerous changes to product detail pages using this form (most often to submit more professional looking photos instead of photos of the product taken on someone’s kitchen counter) and all I do is send a photo of the product’s UPC as proof. You can make changes to photos, title, bullet points, etc. They also ask if there is an official web site that shows that the changes you are asking for are accurate (optional). Since you are still listed as the brand/manufacturer, link to a page on your web site (if you have one) showing proof of the changes you are requesting.

UPC bar codes are easy to print if you’ve got the UPC number. This could be how Crescent got the changes done in the first place. They printed out a label with your UPC, stuck it to their product, took a photo, and requested all of the changes.

Go to “Selling on Amazon” then “Products and Inventory” then “Product Page Issue” then “Fix a Product Page”


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