Hi I m mittal shah never open amazon USA as I have amazon uk I don’t know how they get in to this and they got my bank detail. From my account £35.57 been taken for no reason I never use seller service form of USA. I don’t know where and whom to contact please advice me or call me on this number please.

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First, you should downgrade your account on the Amazon US Marketplace to the Individual plan so the monthly charges will stop.
Go here for the steps to do that:

Then go to HELP. Depending what screen you are on, it could be at the top right or bottom left. Then scroll to bottom of help page and click on Get Support.

Once in the Support Screen, choose the Selling on Amazon option. Type “Need to Close Account” in the text box. Then choose Request Account Closure in One of the Marketplaces, and Next to continue opening the ticket.