I just merged my ASIN (with active inventory) into a duplicate listing that is inactive. The ASIN that I merged previously had the buy box and is the lowest price but now it doesn’t have the buy box or any sales rank.

Is it just taking some time to fully update? A little confused as to why I lost the buy box. I’m not confusing with anyone else.


Sometimes it can take a few hours for a new listing to show up. But the same thing happened to me today. The item was the same as the one they sent me as a duplicate but the duplicate was not active and I could not find it on Amazon.

I would send a message to Amazon or call them and explain the problem. I never saw this until today. May be a glitch in the system.

I did not change mine to their suggested product


I see. But my listing is active - I just do not have the buy box for some reason.