Help zpl file no option to chose printer shipping label


I am unable to get to my print label screen. As soon as I purchase shipping a small window opens showing shipping-label.zpn If I open this its a dead end, no option to print or choose which printer. I have tried many times to reprint a label. I hate to have to go to post office with this virus. Help me please. I am unable to save this as a pdf file, this happened in the past and I saved as PDF and could print it, Not an option this time. Last time it magically fixed itself. I have tied to reboot computer, Chrome, Firefox its all same


Try this:

  1. Disable any AdBlock program that you have running
  2. Clear your history, and clear your cookies and cache files - log back in
  3. Then… from your Manage Orders page - click on the Shipped Tab - because [once you have tried to print a label, the only place you can Reprint it is under Shipped]
  4. Locate the order number, and then scroll to the bottom of the page, and find: Reprint Label - click on it.
  5. Once the pop-up window shows, you will have to use Ctrl P for it to print

Best of luck,


Thanks but Darn, Did not work, tried it. A window pops up like before stating view and track downloads. Same zpl file stuff


I just printed one.
I use Firefox browser.
I have add-on: AddBlockPlus
I have to turn this off to be able to even see the window pop-up.
Then the only way to print it is to hit ctrl P

I don’t get what’s happening.



I do not have an adblock program, I cleared everything and logged back in. Same problem


My only suggestion at this point - is to refer you to the internet.
I keyed in zpl file and there are many resources that may be helpful.

Best of luck, and out…


Thanks. Fixed it. Feel like an idiot. I did not notice after I hit buy shipping, there is a label print orientation choice, never noticed this before. After the weight is put in it gave me the choice of PNG orientation which I chose and it worked.( ZPL was one choice), I did not ever change this so how in the heck that happened I may never know. Thanks!