Help with shipping information not found online


I have a 23 volume set which has sold on Amazon ID113-6483849-4707431…it only has $3.99 allotted by Amazon for shipping. Please help me…23 books and $3.99 will not nearly cover to ship this set. Thank you.


Sorry but you are a little late figuring this out. Your options are to ship and take a loss or cancel the order with metrics ding and potential negative feedback.

Before listing anything for sale, you need to know how much it will cost to ship and price things accordingly.


Really! That is kind of hard to do when Amazon’s system sets the shipping and not me. Also, I made it clear when I posted this set that it was a 23 volume set. I will take the loss. Shame on Amazon’s system! I have been a loyal customer for a long time and recommend it to everyone.
Please tell me how I figure the shipping before I send an item? Is that a trip I need to make to the post office even before the trip to mail it? Total 2 trips?
Teach the teacher, please. I want to make this better for the future when I sell.
Thank you,

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Most sellers have scales and access to shipping rates so they can calculate/estimate what items will cost to ship. In your case you would need to figure out shipping cost and add it into the items price.


Got it. Thank you.


In addition to the previous replies, if you are unable to set your own shipping costs, I would advise you to increase the product price to cover these expenses so that you don’t end up at a loss next time.