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I sell a lot of shoes, boots and clothing on eBay, and I am interested in getting approved in those categories on Amazon. I have read and understand a lot of the details and issues with getting approval, and how so many have had problems with image sizing and repeated rejections. I was just wondering, from other sellers’ experiences, what may be the easiest path to approval as far as what e-commerce website vendor to go with i.e. should I setup an Amazon webstore, or work with somebody like Volusion or a company of that nature? Any other suggestions to expedite the process, avoid mistakes that cause rejection, and get it right the first time would be greatly appreciated!

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In my opinion, you don’t need a lot of bells and whistles, you just need to make sure that your products are good quality, your imagery is exactly how Amazon requires it to be, clear and professional, and that you are a reliable seller with some history on Amazon (Reliable meaning, ships on time, has products in stock and so forth) You can use another site (ie Photobucket) to showcase your images so that you can seek approval but make sure they are professionally photographed. However, considering this is Holiday Season, I believe you will have better luck after this time. The risk is greater for Amazon to approve a new seller in restricted categories during the Holiday and this time may not be best to request approval because the sales and demand are going to peak.


Oh thanks, I am not actually a new seller, as I have been with Amazon for 3 years now moving up to 1K orders per month, just not in those particular restricted categories yet. It seems like the photo issue is what most people get declined for, I was just wondering if there was anything else that comes up repeatedly.


The photo issue is the primary reason for rejection that we have encountered on these boards and in our experience requesting approval in restricted categories.


OK so just to verify…is it basically white background, at least 1100 pixels on short end, no writing or promos or mannequins, and no tags showing? Anything else to be aware of?

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At least 1100 meaning you don’t need to remain on 1100 pixels but (at least that) whichever pixels will give you the best definition. White background; nothing but the item and needs to be centralized. If it’s a shirt, you should be showing it centrally front first. I wish you luck but if you are not approved this time like I said try for after the holidays, they may be more receptive to new applications. If it’s a brand (especially designer) it may attract them. Who else sells these? If for example these are only sold at Nordstrom, again the products will be more attractive. See who else sells them and at what prices online.


By the way, approval for shoes is not the same as approval for clothing. Those are two different approvals. With the same application, you may get approval for one but not for the other.


what are the difference of approval on shoes and clothing? just asking… :slight_smile:


It’s two different approval processes. One for clothing, one for shoes. You have to go through both processes if you want to sell both. There are many restricted categories on Amazon.



how do you even apply to sell sneakers?


It is 1001 x 1001 not 1100 x 1100. Just clarifying.



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  2. Go search Restricted Categories in Seller Help for info

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