Help with Plan of Action please!


Removed does not mean deleted. removed from active inventory but will still show in inactive inventory unless selected and deleted. And yes I am asking if the complaints are valid. Some bad actors, and this includes lawyers, have made erroneous counterfeit claims as well as IP or Trademark claims. Depending on the contact from Amazon might just be going to a spoof email address. Reach out to the manufacture and see if they made the claims against you or have just been using the Amazon System to clean up all other sellers of their products.
Some will send a retraction letter to Amazon, once the situation is explained to them.


@gr8t153, that’s great advice. The ASINs have been totally deleted, I will change the wording here. I do believe the complaints are real, and it seems like this was the easiest way for them to have the items removed from Amazon as they are now selling on Amazon themselves. They have not been responsive when in the past we have had open communication. Regardless, it was my fault for not having a more thorough process of having something in writing indicating that we would be selling their items on Amazon, and I have now put that in my process moving forward. I will also be much more careful in choosing any new vendors. I’m sorry for any new manufacturers, as I would normally be happy to give business to up-and-comers but now I would only trust tried and true manufacturers.


You still want to give the up and comers a shot but with the understanding and as you said written letter for e-market sales.
You do need to highlight or use bigger font size on the differing sections to make them easier to see and a little too verbose for the sixth grade reader you are sending this to for reading.


@gr8t153- I am imagining the team to be reading these to be highly detailed, as it seems like the performance review team is a bit like the great wizard from the green city. Do you have an example of something that is too verbose?


Look and you will find examples in the Forums. Oneida did a good example. Short bullet points. Less words/verbiage. This may go as written I am just convinced the shorter the better. Every thing is timed on Amazon. Your audience is ESL readers.
Don’t look behind the curtain, nothing to see there.


I am going through the exact same thing right now. I have been in contact with the account health team and they are helping me to create a plan of action also.
The format they have had me do it is:

  • Root Cause
  • Corrective Measures
  • Preventative Measures
    (Preventative Measures includes what you have done in the past to stop this from happening again as well as what you will do in the future to make sure this doesn’t happen again)
  • Invoices

Haven’t heard back yet on my POA, but hope this helps. Good luck to you!


Where is the example from Oneida? I can’t seem to find it on the forums and I would like to see a good example. Thanks


Go to the main Forum page Use the magnifying glass and put Oneida in search box and many come up.


I am not sure about an example but the hints and what not to include are very helpful.


Overall this is a hard read …



Thanks Rob I could not figure out how to tag you so looked for the previous threads you had opined on in the past.


@gr8t153 … tags are easy. Just type @ and then the posting name.


Think of it more like a judge in a courtroom. They hear case after case, day after day, and what they really want is someone to present just the key points that are necessary for them to make a decision. All the rest, while it may feel important to the seller/defendant, is just fluff in the eyes of the decision maker.

The easier you make it for them to -

  • Understand your issue
  • Decide that you’ve learned from it and can prevent it from happening again

The better off you’ll be.

Make it easy for them to decide to reinstate you.

What I have come to find is that counterfeit doesn’t necessarily mean something is fake- by Amazon’s definition, it means that you don’t have explicit written permission to sell the item on Amazon.

That right there is the heart of your issue. You explained it to us, so we all instantly understood, but you left it out of your appeal.

Root Cause -
We didn’t understand that listing items on Amazon without the express permission of the brand owner could result in these items being considered counterfeit.

Not knowing this, we mistakenly listed some items we’d obtained at a trade show and failed to ask the company if we’d be allowed to sell them on Amazon, not realizing this was a violation.

Prevention -
We now understand that listing items without obtaining the brand’s explicit permission to sell them through Amazon is a mistake.

  • We’ve verified with each brand owner of our existing inventory that we have their permission to sell it on Amazon.
  • We’ve implemented a process to verify with each brand owner of new products we hope to sell on Amazon that we have their permission to do so

See? Clear, simple, and easy to understand. It should be easy for a reviewer reading that to say to themselves - I see where he went wrong, but it sounds like he gets it now so… reinstated!

Don’t be misguided by Amazon’s form letters that ask for ‘more details’. They don’t mean they want “more”, they mean they want “better”. Think of those letters as the equivalent of “Huh???” It just means they didn’t get it and you should try again.


Thanks @Oneida_Books and thanks @racingroxstore for the further elucidation.
I forgot how to tag if I ever new so one new thing today: tagging. Y’all are it.


@Oneida_Books @racingroxstore I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to offer your advice- I am working on making changes for my next appeal. After speaking with the account health team I felt pretty good about that last version but now I’m just waiting for my denial to come.


Do not have a negative self-fulfilling prophecy. As I had said it may work, and if not you will write a better and more concise POA.


I’m in the same boat with a product. Can’t get a reply from the manufacturer. Nothing seems to work with SC - invoice, supplier authorisation, plan of action etc, etc.

You talk about the Amazon health team. How on earth did you get in contact with them? The only people at SC that I’ve talked to said it was impossible and they had no power of action.


First open your own thread to get attention.
Second post your notice from Amz and your reply.
Third Amz takes 30 days sometimes and if you email before they reply you go to the bottom of the pile, again.


I was suspended for 10 days for selling a restricted product in September. This was for an athletes foot cream that I had not sold or had in stock for over 10 months ( I agree with the others: get in the habit of deleting old listings that you no longer stock).

I did two POAs on my own with no result. I was explaining this problem with a friend of mine who is a CPA and manages charitable trusts. He said that the POA sounds a lot like doing grant proposals for charitable foundations: If the language is not perfect, you don’t get the grant. I then decided I needed professional help.

After much research, I then worked with Laura Monk with the UK firm Thompson and Holt. She wrote 4 POAs and had me do some maintenance on my account. The fee was about $600.00. I hated paying it, but was glad I got reinstated. 10 days of lost revenue hurt bad, but I am glad I am back in business.

It also doesn’t help to get all emotionally bent out of shape about these things. Bezos had built the best marketing system in human history. Each of us benefit from his ingenuity and team buildings skills. Each of us "signed " the contract. I know that it is hard to let go and get on with the business of taking care of customers and making money.

To control my negative emotions I am going back to the classic book: “Letting Go” by David R Hawkins.

Good luck



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