Help, Promotion Gone Wrong


I don’t think you should be asking friends to review your products and providing a coupon code so that they have a verified purchase stamp on the review. Amazon often erases all of the reviews as being biased when this is done if they are linked back to you. They have to be unbiased reviews.


Amazon does post a list of their top product reviewers you may contact to have items reviewed in an unbiased manner. The list is here:

Their email address is on most of the profiles.

Getting reviews for your items is not different than a movie critic seeing the movie first at no charge, but Amazon demands unbiased reviews. This is a copy of Amazon’s policy:

Reviews: Reviews are important to the Amazon Marketplace, providing a forum for feedback about product and service details and reviewers’ experiences with products and services — positive or negative. You may not write reviews for products or services that you have a financial interest in, including reviews for products or services that you or your competitors sell. Additionally, you may not provide compensation for a review other than a free or discount copy of the product. If you offer a free or discount product, it must be clear that you are soliciting an unbiased review. The free or discount product must be provided in advance. No refunds are permitted after the review is written. You may not intentionally manipulate your products’ rankings, including by offering an excessive number of free or discounted products, in exchange for a review. Review solicitations that ask for only positive reviews or that offer compensation are prohibited. You may not ask buyers to remove negative reviews.


Not much worse than purchasing reviews from review farms and Amazon lately enabled that practice by tricking new Sellers into starting hasty Promotions so more and more review farms sprung up as a consequence.


Good idea also.


Cancelling Orders does not affect the Order Defect Rate, it is a parrallel metric stats.

But unhappy buyers leaving negatives would.


Not only bad fb but canceling orders hurts your ODR. Too many hurts and you’re suspended.

> 2) Chalk it up as a big business error, suck it up and ship the products. Write it off as advertising dollars.

Good choice.

> 3) Suck it up, ship it, write it off and then contact the customers and ask/beg for product feedback to help drive traffic.

You can’t beg for product fb. You can send one polite email asking if they enjoyed the product and would they consider leaving product fb.

Organic reviews are a much better way to go than paid reviews.


Maybe in the future, start the promotion with only a quantity of 1 or 2 for sale until you verify the promotion is set up the way you want.


Thank you for posting and I read the stipulations and don’t feel like I was crossing the line anywhere. When I create a promotion on a product I offer it to social media and cut it off at only a few people. Many times they aren’t friends. But from this point forward I will go through the Amazon accepted reviewers if I am looking for some product feedback. Like I said, I only am willing to make a mistake once and learn from it. Hopefully this error doesn’t hurt my account.


Agree. It was never my intention to send out so many promo items and no where did I solicit their feedback. As a matter of fact I even opted not to send them emails and let them know of my error.


I spoke to Amazon about my error and of course they said shipping was the right choice. But on the comment about buyers leaving negative feedback, a fellow friend who is also a seller made a good point. If I cancelled the orders they are no longer a buyer and therefore cannot leave a buyer feedback. Just a thought, but again I don’t plan to make this mistake again. Ouch.


Just a thought, but the wrong thought.

Tell this to your friend:

Buyers can and should be able to leave negative for an order which was cancelled by the seller willy-nilly.

Fortunately for your seller friend, not all buyers managed to figure out how to do that.

They have to wait a couple of days, and start via the page …

or just find in their buyer account the CANCELLED ORDERS area, Amazon shows it now, in the past that was hidden. Indeed, the Cancelled Order disappears, if buyer clicks on the number, it shows that it got Cancelled, but it does not evaporate entirely.

Many buyers know that … even if not all of them.

Your friend’s logic is faulty … an Amazon buyer is still an Amazon buyer whose purchase was cancelled by a third party seller … and depending on how and when the cancellation was done, some are truly unhappy and they are not afraid to say so.

Plus, the pre-fulfillment cancellation rate tends to go up for that seller’s stats, and it can only go as high as 2.5 percent for 30 day window, or only 1.75 percent in October, if the seller wishes to sell toys during November and December in self-fullfilment mode.


Your friend is incorrect. A buyer can leave feedback on a seller cancelled order.

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