Help promo code scam


All of my inventory was wiped out as people purchased huge amounts of inventory with a promo code i only have one promo code and its only for 1 item not 50!!!someone even purchased 130 phone cases what do i do ???will amazon help me?will they refund me


To whom did you provide the promo code? A product reviewer? It seems there have been several forum threads lately regarding leaked/shared promo codes.


yes a reviewer and friend thats all I’m so worried they just shipped 400 dollars worth of stock and the buyer paid nothing but 5 dollars!!! will AMAZON refund me i only have one promo code and you can only use it once for 1 item so its as if theres a glitch


+“yes a reviewer and friend…”+

You are having a friend review your product? I’m sure that is going to be a fair unbiased review.
If the buyer is a friend, just send him/her one and have the transaction outside Amazon.

I doubt you will have any chance at getting Amazon to refund you for your merchandise.


Why is this Amazon’s issue?

You created a promo code that basically gave your stuff away. That promo code got into wrong hands. The reviewer. Hopefully your friend would not have done that to you.

Amazon’s response will likely be “You sold it, you ship it”.

Rereading you OP, it seems like you use FBA. In which case you’re just going to have to eat it. You don’t even get to cancel the order.

Life can be harsh on The River.


Greetings, Case4You!

I’m sorry to hear about this situation.

In reviewing the Promotion, it was set up correctly.

However, if you were winning The Buy Box at the time of the promotion, your promotional wording and claim code would have appeared on the detail page.

That allowed multiple buyers to use the promotion code.

During the promotion creation process, there is a checkbox box titled “Display Detail Page Text”; if you did not remove the check from this option, that allowed your promotional wording and claim code to appear on the detail page.

Amazon will not be able to reimburse you for these orders.

I see that you have already contacted Seller Support. Please monitor your Case Log for any updates.


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