Help! Our Amazon Handmade account was suspended after 4 years - Perfect metrics, no violations


I also have this problem, I also found that many non-US sellers have been suspended.


Are you saying you also were a Handmade seller, sold for years, then were suspended in the same way as OP?

If not, it’s both rude and unhelpful to revive someone else’s thread for a different issue.

Start your own thread.


I received this information and then I can’t sell handmade products.
After closely reviewing your Handmade listings, we have decided that you may no longer sell on Amazon Handmade.


Wow! :flushed: … then, the suggestions upthread apply.


Be honest and send the information required. Thanks Amazon Handmade:relaxed:

Hello Artisan,

After reviewing the information you provided, we have determined that you may continue to offer your items on Amazon Handmade.

We appreciate your patience with our review process.

Thank you for selling on Amazon Handmade,
Handmade Integrity Team


When will you receive the information that cannot be sold, and when will you receive the information that can be sold? My number is not for sale, and it has not been restored yet.

After closely reviewing your Handmade listings, we have decided that you may no longer sell on Amazon Handmade

I received theinformation that cannot be sold the day before yesterday and received the information that can be sold today. Hope it helps.Good Luck !


Why is amazon attacking you like that?

This site is loaded with highly offensive material that is easily found with the lay search bar using a query like " 3D sex doles for men".

Why doesn’t amazon put as much effort into policing the “adult” section as they do other categories? What about all the VAPE stuff, that goes by aroma therapy, testosterone boosters that are listed as “Test. boosters”.

It really reflects the culture of this site when they question folks like that and then let MILLIONS of others have carte blanche to sell stuff that without any doubt denigrates women.


Skeeter, Handmade was launched here after Etsy changed their rules to allow “handmade” to include mass-produced manufactured goods (the Etsy seller need only to have “designed” the item).

So, Amazon Handmade launched with artisans who actually must apply and be vetted in order to list (anyone can open an Etsy shop; there is no vetting). Those qualifications you quoted above are part of the Handmade application process.

Nevertheless, the first few pages of any Handmade search results are taken up with Alibaba resellers who gamed the Handmade application process somehow. :persevere:

Whether Amazon is doing a sweep, or whether individual sellers / competitors are reporting these people, who knows.


This sounds about right. I forgot to post an update here (I did in the handmade forum) - but after providing Amazon with all the info they asked, we got our account back (took about a week). However, all of our listings were showing as inactive so it took about another week of going back and forth with support to get them active again.

We never did find out why this happened, but I can only guess that they are checking to make sure sellers in handmade are not just resellers, etc.


Congrats, @I_Like_Turtles :+1::tada::champagne::heart::clap:

So happy for you, although I am very sorry you had to undergo that :persevere: … over the years since Handmade launched, and beginning surprisingly soon afterwards, successful Handmade sellers have reported that they had to run this gauntlet, and it was due to fellow sellers reporting them falsely :persevere::persevere::persevere: … they, like you, were able to get back up and running, but man that is ugly, ugly behavior on the part of the accuser — and I fervently hope Amazon is tracking their reporting behavior.


Thank you @AndThenSome! :blush: I really hope it was not some malicious seller/competitor that reported us. That would be really low and just makes me sick to think about. If it’s that easy to do, that is scary and means nobody is safe. :tired_face: I’m hoping it was simply an audit done by Amazon and now that we’ve completed it and provided everything they asked, that will be the end of it.


Sorry I’m not any help with your problem but I looked at your stuff and I love the little pendant with a loved one’s handprinted note & photo. Very original and what a great gift! I hope you get your issues fixed!
edited to add that I also love the mug using the same technique to copy a loved one’s signature and photo on a mug!
edited again to say that I am happy you were reinstated!


Awwww, thank you @cassieb for the well wishes and the compliment - that really means the world to us! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you for the info regarding this, I have never listed on handmade and never have read the rules.

Thats the issue, this site is so loaded with sellers getting away with selling stuff that does not meet standards and this seller is singled out.

Are they doing 1 per month so they can say yes, we are policing the standards?


Might actually be a sweep; another current suspension thread mentions that the poster knows of quite a few others (all international sellers, in that poster’s case) who were Handmade sellers, all suspended for this same reason.

So far as I know, everyone who’s legitimately qualified to sell in Handmade gets back on within weeks, by supplying what’s requested, but it’s devastating nevertheless.

Any resellers or IP thieves … well, bye.


Hey @I_Like_Turtles thanks for posting this and letting us know that you got back in (gives me hope). I am currently suffering from a panic attack after receiving the dreaded email today stating that my Handmade privileges have been successfully removed. All my listing are now inactive :frowning:
I replied to the Artisan Review email a week ago that requested all the details and now sat here hoping that they pass. All of my items are made by myself and my wife. We’ve have a 2 year old and a 6 week old baby so the stress levels are through the roof. I wish they would explain what the problem is and get back to us quicker instead of leaving us in the dark.

note; this is in relation to my UK handmade account.



Sorry to hear it, Will. Sympathies :bouquet:

Are you saying you got an email about an artisan review but no account suspension? Then, after you sent everything in, a week later they suspended your account?

I thought they suspended “prior to investigatiion” — IOW, that they suspend your account, send the Artisan Review email, then a week later, send their decision.

In any case, did the decision letter give you an avenue to appeal the decision? If not, you could still try. Did you submit everything they asked for in the review?


thanks for your reply. Yes, the artisan review team actually sent 2 emails Monday 1st and Thursday 4th. both identical and I replied to both with what I thought was enough details to thoroughly describe and show that my business is purely handmade. here. at home.

Then then this morning 15th I get an email (not from the Artisan Review team) from “seller notifications” that my handmade account has been successfully removed!? No explanation or reason or option to appeal.


Would you post the photographs you sent to amazon on this forum.