Help on Plan of Action for Counterfeit


This is what I sent.

A) What went wrong:

• Listing rights of the above ASIN’s were removed for inauthenticity complaints.
• I believe the customer may have received a product in less than perfect condition which led them to believe the item was not authentic
• We did not physically open each product to ensure that the product was in perfect condition before we shipped it out to the customer or into Amazon for FBA.

B) What we have done to fix this problem and prevent similar issues in the future:

• We are now physically inspecting each product before we either ship it into FBA or directly to the customer. We are also placing them into bubble bags instead of poly bags to ensure no damage occurs during transit.
• We have checked the Amazon detail page to be certain that these items are accurately described on the page.
• We have checked with our distributor to verify that all products are authentic and was assured that they come directly from the manufacturer.

C) What we have done to prevent problems in the future:

• By physically inspecting each item to ensure it is in perfect condition, the customer should not have any doubt that the item is authentic.
• Packaging the item’s in bubble bags will help protect the product during transport.
• We will continue to only source our products from reputable distributers

This is the response I just got: Can you resend your Plan of Action, but with more preventative measures? How else will you prevent a buyer from receiving “a product in less than perfect condition” again? How will you make sure that you stay in compliance with what Amazon is asking of you while also making sure that the buyer has a great buying experience moving forward?

I don’t know what else to say. Any help?


Amazon is telling you they suspect the items you are getting are not new… AKA they don’t trust your supplier.

If you have a proper supplier, you shouldn’t need to open each item to inspect them. Your supplier should have packed the properly and inspected them FOR YOU.


I do have a proper supplier. I know I shouldn’t have to inspect them, but when I talked to account health on the phone they said to look at it from the customers perspective, so I did. Also, when I talked to them and I told them who my supplier was, before I even sent in my plan, I was told my supplier wasn’t the issue.

Sooo, what else you got that might help me??

I have a feeling that FBA sent returns back out that they deemed were fine to be put back into my inventory


I’ve never seen this as a response from Seller Performance. What department are you talking to? Can you post the entire message they sent you?


Or your items aren’t transit ready


It’s the account health team, not seller performance. I’m not suspended, they are just holding my $$ until this is taken care of.


That’s why I put in that I won’t just poly bag, I will bubble bag. Maybe I should put I will box.