HELP! Category Product Type Requirements


Hi, we are developing a separate app to publish listings to Amazon over the API. 2 Questions:

When trying to list to certain categories, it appears there are required fields, depending on the product. We have then discovered that this is actually based on the Product Type, not the category per se. We are trying to figure out a way where we can determine each of the required fields for each product type especially with parent/child listings. I.e. Shoes product type has X required fields (gender, size, age, etc)

We’ve been researching this topic for a long time and it seems that people are using a lot of different terminology so it’s been difficult to track down. Is there a document, report, API, etc where we can get these requirements rather than manually testing each one?

For existing listings, is there a way to download a report that shows the Product Type that’s currently assigned? Say I have 1000 products in Seller Central, I would like to download an API report or even manually through Seller Central that shows the products along with their associated Product Type.



To scrape listings, you want to list on as well?

Otherwise just download the category feed files, for the fields.


You can request that Seller services have the Catalog team enable Category Listings Repots for you, they are not enabled by default and they will only enable them for a week at a time.