Having business in EU - how you make your VAT wisely?


Hi there

We are going to extend our business from Amazon US to Amazon EU. We know we need to prepare for the VAT issue before moving forward. There are 3 options on Amazon - FBA EFN, FBA MCI & FBA PAN EUROPEAN.

We realize we will need to register in all 7 countries which are Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Poland, UK and the Czech Republic to participate in the Pan EU scheme. The reason for this is that Amazon will hold stock in all of these countries which triggers the need to register.

So we also consider to join FBA EFN or MCI to take advantage of the distance selling threshold and charge the VAT on one or two of above countries on those transactions. We also noticed that non-EU companies register in most countries within the EU they are required to have a fiscal representative. To have all this set up will cost us a lot even before start our business in EU.

My question is -
Are there any grey areas of the import or countries would allow us just sell without VAT regulations ?
If no, what would you suggest us to plan this VAT issue wisely ?
Any suggestions would be great helpful for us, thank you very much !