Havent been paid for 2 months!


My first sale was 2 months ago, the first issue was “invalid bank number” ok i changed it, waited another 2 weeks and nothing, the next issue was “account on hold due to performance” my performance is 100%, a representative emailed me saying that my account is in GOOD STANDING AND THERE ARE NO ISSUES WITH MY ACCOUNT.
ok fine… so i waited ANOTHER 2 weeks and still didn’t get paid. so the next issue was “infringement” and another representative told me that all my products at good and are in no violation with infringement. this is extremely frustrating. i have send DOZENS of emails to the “funds-payments” and “seller-performance” emails and i have yet to receive any email in regards to when i’ll be getting paid.

I HAVENT RECIEVED not even $1 from any of my sales over 2 months ago. i don’t know what to do. I’ve send another few emails this morning. I might have to get lawyers involved. can someone help me here?


Is your account active?

Click on Setting -> Account Info
Check under “Current Status of Listings”


Try this email.
Try to keep the emotions and capital letters out of it.
Keep it professional even though you don’t feel that way right now.


Im sorry to hear you are not getting paid right away.
What Ive come to understand is that amazon will hold your money for returns.
When you look at your payment history, how much does it say will disbursed and how much does it say is in holdings?
Can you request a transfer yet? There may be an option for you but if you are new to selling that may not be an option for you.
If your products are expensive , then amazon will probably hold your money longer than expected to cover returns even with some sales.


Yes my account is currently active, and buyers are able to make purchases


Yes I’ve realized that amazon hold the money for returns, what I understood was after the deliver is made, I have to wait 2 weeks (just to make sure they don’t return) and I have over 70 orders that I’ve sent out. And NONE have complained for returned. It’s been over a month since my last order was a month ago. My current balance is get paid is about $900. And I’m unable to “request transfer” it just says $0.00


Yes I have emailed that one and the perfomance email a dozen times. I’m just… at a loss of words.


I get it , the same thing happened to me.I actually called customer support based in seattle its much better than emailing because they speak much better english.Anyway , the gist of the call from the agent is that amazon will hold your money for however long they want , with no rhyme or reason. I know you probably don’t want to hear this , but if everything in your account is legit and you have doubled check everything then they will get you your money, in time of course


i see, i haven’t tried the call center that you are talking about? anyway you could provide me with that number? and thanks for you tips.


Hello, my friend

could provide me with that phone number ?

thank u


I have the same issue. I have not found any phone number other than the overseas number. Many calls and emails all to no avail. We are owed over $10,000.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


What is the reason they are giving you?


That’s just it. We never received an email why. But on the payment page it links to a “help” topic that says seller performance review. Our metrics are fine.

Anybody have any ideas how to get to a US based support person?

Any help would certainly benefit the others and I! I gotta make payroll this week!


Still no progress on this over $10K, held no reasons given, not contact, no help. Lending payment now due as well.


Did you happen to downgrade or otherwise change your Amazon Seller account subscription within this time frame? A group of sellers have found this is the event that triggered the hold for them.


same any1 get paid yet