Have you ever experienced goods lost in Amazon fulfillment center?


My shipment was delivered to the Amazon warehouse on September 6, 2022.
The Amazon warehouse registered the goods for acceptance on September 9.
However, only one box became my saleable inventory and the other three boxes were never received.
I contacted the Amazon team, but they repeatedly said that they had not received my shipment.
So far, my goods have not been found and have not been compensated.
I’m really disappointed and helpless.


See ➛ Reconcile your shipment help page.


Thanks, but I contacted the relevant team to investigate the shipment, and they said they had not received my goods.


Did you upload the necessary documents?


Yes, I provided the purchase invoice and UPS proof of delivery as requested by the Amazon team.



Tatiana from Amazon checking in here. Can you share the open Seller Support case ID for this issue? Once I have that, I can escalate this for you.




I have to keep pointing this out despite many veteran sellers knowing this is a possibility.



Thank you for your attention.
I don’t have many shipments and goods, I always pay attention to my FBA shipments until they are completely received and converted into marketable inventory, but the three boxes of goods in this shipment have not been received.
Best regards.


What do the reports tell you happened to that part number?