Have a U.S. seller account, and I clicked the U.S. market when I created my European account with a new email address


I already had an Amazon U.S. account the previous year. This year I plan to sell in Europe, and register with a new e-mail address (Amazon requires otherwise unable to register). When I registered, It says there is a promotion, to register the Japanese, the European, and the American maketplace, it only costs US $ 39.99, and I clicked them all.

Will it conflict with my US account? Cause this time I used the new email, If I complete the registration, will I have two accounts in US site?

I have tried to contact the seller support several times, one said that it will not affect the US account, one said that I will have two US accounts after the registration is completed, Amazon does not allow it, and the other said that I will complete the registration and then merge into a global account I really don’t know what to do?

Originally I just wanted to apply for a European account. I have been entering the last step of verification after signing up. It said that it would take me 2 working days to contact me, but it ’s been 10 days. What can I do?