Has anyone Personally used a Paid account Rep Through Amazon Marketplace Growth?


We are considering paying the 5k a month for an Amazon account rep but the info they give you is very vague. Does anyone on here have one or used one? Looking for more info before we commit to it.

Amazon Professional Services - Account Manager

Have not used, but interested. Subbed!


I used to have a similar type of account rep, but it was unpaid. It was offered several years back and maintained for about 2 years, but I did not see a lot of value from it and Amazon eventually rotated the person into a new role without replacement (after 2 others rotated in).

There really is not a lot that this service will provide you that you can not do for yourself.

Most of the support issues you can manage if your prepare your cases properly. This new service does provide a more helpful support contact, but that is not worth the cost.

They also work to help you grow your business, but most of that is on you. You need to have the products to add, the investment to advertise and promote, so all they are doing is helping to enable you to get the advertising going.

Most of what you really, as a new seller, you don’t really get, but can learn quickly enough. These forums can help.

For a well established account, this won’t replace manpower and knowledge of your products and your market.

I do not think it is really worth it, from what I read and saw in the presentation. It is really not much more than I already had.



It seems a little absurd that if I want a Rep from Amazon, I have to pay the person’s salary for a once a month phone call. Amazon makes enough off us to pay multiple people to handle just my account. We found the offer silly. What, exactly is the money for?


. We have an inside business to business rep right now. He does a lot for us but is limited in what he is allowed to do. We are looking for someone to help us with listing in category’s and defending products that we are authorized to sell. We get top selling items removed every week for all kinds reasons. We always win and get the item re listed but it takes 3-5 days to appeal. If a real human could look at it and get keep us live on all products we could sell $1000’s more every day. Amazon’s new AI does all kinds of things that are incorrect. If we sell 900 of a $350 item and 3 people say it was not as described Amazon kicks us off the ad. If a human reads the reasons why it gets turn right back on but that is a slow process right now.

More or less I want to know if things get done quicker with an account manager. In my world time is money.


But do they actually do that? Are they any faster than Seller Support after you get to the second level? They don’t claim to be anywhere in the blurb we read.

We had considered it when we had some similar issues, we filed a trademark complaint and instead of killing their listing, they killed ours, and it took weeks to fix, which cost us tens of thousands in sales on just that SKU.

But again, they won’t say that the rep will solve those things any faster. So I wonder what it is exactly they’re doing worth 60k/year.


lol. That is exactly why I want to know. Seller support deleted one of my top ads because we caught someone selling fakes of ours. It was like asking congress to pass a bill to get it fixed. That alone would pay for the rep. I just wanted someone with first hand experience to tell how much power that rep has.


I’ve seen many forum questions exactly like yours, but have not ever seen a reply from someone who bought into it.

That question comes up a lot in the related forum posts. :thinking:


Based on what I saw in the presentation and descriptive materials and my experience with my account manager, I do not think you will get help with defending products. Their escalations are not really in that area of concern.



I don’t think you will get responses from people who pay for the service. First, those who are paying for the service are likely not trolling the forums because they have better things to do.Second, if they are, they may hold their cards close so not to help their competition whether it’s you or someone else who reads the post later on.

For the relatively little amount for you, it might be worthwhile to give it a try. At worst, you will lose a little money over a few months if you find it wasn’t a worthwhile investment.

I suspect you can’t but maybe you can negotiate a partial or full refund after a month or two if you don’t find it useful. I doubt there is any negotiating room though.


They do not negotiate it, and you have to commit to a year (you can get out with 30 days notice after 6 months). If you sell less there is a cheaper tier, but iirc it doesn’t get to less than 30k a year, even if you’re very small. So you’re going to commit to at least 15k if you’re small, and probably 30k.

Oh, and they base that number off your GROSS sales, not your net payments. If you’re FBA, you might not realize what tier you’re in.

Google Amazon Growth if you want to know more.


Had a buddy use one. They are about as effective and useful as a Seller Support rep…


So…each rep can have “clients”…as many as they want I assume and each “client” pays 5 g’s a month???
This is all sanctioned though Amazon??


I concur with Dave. We had a different experience than he did.


Has anyone Personally used a Paid account Rep Through Amazon Marketplace Growth?

Generally only people that don’t waste this much money on a worthless service come to this board… so you’re not likely to get any actual answers here…:vulcan_salute:


Well yeah. Of course. They probably hire the person at 60k/year and expect them to manage 5-10 sellers. Maybe more since there is a lower tier that only costs 30k/year.

I’m less concerned about how many sellers they support as long as they are responsive, and more concerned with what it is they actually do. That’s still not really clear.


Heck for 5 G’s a month I would do that. If I get five clients 5 times 5= 25, 25 grand a month!!! 300K a year…where do I sign up at?


Figure out how to keep all my ads live all the time and handle my Amazon problems and your hired. You would probably make some serious cash. This seems to be a problem with all big sellers. I do agree that the guy that already has paid for this service is most likely not on these forums anymore.


Wonder if they have that listed under careers somewhere on Amazon. I can see many many more options for someone working within Amazon to make more choices then these seller reps. If your paying 5G’s a month I better be able to handle all issues with my “clients” like someone opens up a AZ with confirmed shipping, I better be able to close that out in my clients favor without any marks on the metrics.


short experience with the program, i was accepted and been speaking to the rep, they said they could handle “business critical issues” i asked about a fake feedback if she can help get it removed as I have proof of being fake etc and told her i got the auto email decline, she just emailed saying i need to go thru seller support after a week of asking about it hahaha…yup, 2500/month for that