Has anyone noticed that the USPS rates are up?


I just noticed that the shipping rates for USPS on Amazon has gone up. Did anyone notice that? A flat rate Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope is now $5.60. It was $4.90 on Monday.


It appears that the indefinite period of time has ended and we no longer have the lower Amazon negotiated rate for Flat Rate Envelopes.


Yes, the increase started today, same day as the FBA increases.
Probably to try to push more people to FBA.


USPS rates went up in January. Amazon was – for an indefinite period of time – allowed to offer shipping at the old rates.


No. the change we’re talking about took effect today.


We noticed it today when we processed our orders that take Small Flat Rate Priority boxes. Guess stamps.com will be getting all of our business now. AZ was until now cheaper for the small flat than stamps.com


The rates went up January 17, which is over a month ago, I take it your sales are slow if you only saw this now. Media mail was unchanged, but it will also increase soon. And Amazon raised the shipping rates for them, just not for third party sellers.


Priority Mail packages are still cheaper than the USPS website rates.


The USPS rates were increased Jan 17, but Amazon didn’t change their price for the postage until today. I guess they weren’t able to keep their negotiated rates either.


Thanks guys and ladies. One thing I love about here. You all are spot on!! And Jon it’s not weather they are slow or fast we all like to keep each other informed.


Yep they just went up last night, I have 3 shipments to PR yesterday at the 4.90 rate.


USPS Foreign Flat Rate is VERY High Now…


Yes you should shop around.


It was nice to have the flat rate envelopes at $4.90. I would say I would now use Stamps.com, but it appears both have the envelopes at $5.60, and boxes at $5.90. Stamps charges $2.45 for signature, and Amazon is $2.35… so Amazon is still cheaper for us.

Would be nice if Amazon could negotiate a better rate for these easy, small flat rate options!


Looks like AMAZON’s special rate has expired. Postage goes up & up & up, never does it go down, down, down. However, sellers incoming freight from AMAZON stays the same.


We actually contacted Amazon Seller support today and they told us that they were not aware of a postage increase and that they would look into this. I actually gave them a copy of this message thread URL link so they can review what’s been posted here. Maybe it was a system glitch? A few weeks ago there was a problem where the USPS flat rate box and envelope disappeared and wasn’t even selectable. That system problem might be related again to these two shipping methods.

I have a case number 16677900xx created and they are looking into this.

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