Has anyone been able to successfully ship internationally in the last couple of months?


Has anyone been able to successfully ship internationally in the last couple of months?
If so, is First Class International USPS working for you or a different ship method? Almost 100% of our international USPS shipments have gone missing or badly delayed in the last couple of months. Greatly appreciate any input.


Yes, I have shipped a few USPS first class International packages (4 oz). I did one to Germany, the UK, and Australia, within the last month, and I didnt have a problem, so far for some reason. I also shipped to Canada. Your not alone, and its probably not worth it these days, and UPS is un-affordable.

Im not sure where you are shipping to, but there are service disruptions in certain areas as well. I am not thrilled to ship Internationally currently. I put my global account on vacation. But get orders from other platforms. Lets hope it gets better!

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Thank you for replying! I’ve shipped to Australia, Canada, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Israel and the weirdest thing is that Italy arrived. I don’t think any of the others have yet. We have a lot of regular customers all over the world and have always used USPS to reach them. Yes, UPS definitely costs too much.

It’s definitely not worth it at this point. Just had a $182 package sit at the post office for over a month and now it’s apparently going to the destination. So we lose the money, the items and the cost of shipping.

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*Oops that package was shipped to Switzerland.


I got an order today for Italy. I had to refund them, and tell them we will be in touch in a few months. I know you said your package got there, but I didnt want to take a chance. I was wondering what you are charging for shipping. I was charging $10 but it was a 4 oz package.


Actually, I just looked up the 2 recent sales to Italy and it could be they’re just being more patient. One was on April 23 - so still not quite 30 days, and the other was on May 1st.

I try my best to charge them actual postage, but sometimes they get charged $7 and sometimes $14, depending on the platform. Sometimes I’ll do small refunds back for overpayment.


I had an EXPRESS (EMS) package coming to me from China that arrived 2 days ago (one of the boxes will deliver tomorrow), it was shipped April 22nd. that is express right now…

I have orders out to France, UK, Mexico, and Canada. Uk packages are taking about 45-60 days, France took 25-30 days, Mexico package is still MIA, but Canada seems to deliver normal…

As flights open up this will clear up, I imagine within a couple weeks it will be much much better


Wow, thank you! I guess that Express EMS package proves that all the methods are delayed right now which is the root of my question, thank you!