Hard to believe?


I had some inventory by FBA, and wanted to remove it. I was told that it is in a warehouse that does not support removal orders. I contacted seller support, and got this response:
"Upon investigation, the units for your listing is in a fulfillment center that does not process removal orders. In order to remove them, kindly create a Multi-Channel Fulfillment Order via Seller Central redirecting them to be sent to your desired address. Once those orders have shipped, we will credit you for the extra fees charged.

I did as they instructed, and I then asked them for the reimbursement, but they denied it!
“We would like to apologize for the misinformation you received from the last correspondence on case ID . We determine your reimbursement eligibility based on our policies and guidelines however we are unable to submit a reimbursement for this type of transaction.”

It costed $230 to fulfill the order…


All I can say is I guess no more mr. “NICEGUY”.:grin:


I created the profile name in my early days as an Amazon seller. It would be very different now!


Selling online takes its toll. I thought it would be easier than dealing face to face, I was WRONG!!!

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