GS1 and barcode purchasing


LukeA is right, in our professional experience almost all eBay sellers selling “amazon UPCs” are almost guaranteed to be illegal. They may work, but betting your business on dodging a lawsuit from the real owner is not a long term goal one should have.

Let us count the ways:

  1. No phone number.
  2. No address.
  3. No BBB information (or any verifying info)
  4. No skin in the game (cost is so low even if they don’t work the buyer doesn’t care)

How is this possible? It’s easy, there’s 13 digits in an EAN #, 12 of those are the unique number portion, that leaves about 1 Trillion GTINs that GS1 then apportions to the entire globe, not all of those are used for retail products, so these “ebay sellers” make up codes and the odds of two of their clients using the same made up code in the same store (since stores do not share POS systems) is greater then winning the lottery twice in a row. So the buyers on ebay have rave reviews due to them not understanding statistics.

How is that legal? It isn’t. These ebay sellers are such small fish that GS1 doesn’t care. Plus the types of entrepreneurs that fall for this (assuming it’s true ignorance) or believe they’ll succeed with this mentality honestly do not make it.

Save yourself the headache and make sure you’re working with a legal company that has a phone number AND an address AND is BBB verified etc. It’s not worth a lawsuit to save a few bucks on a barcode when owning legally is so cheap already.

For more on this topic you can search for “16000020190-why-should-i-purchase-from-bar-codes-talk-instead-of-directly-from-gs1-” using any search engine.

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