GS1 and barcode purchasing


I use Speedy Barcodes. If you catch them in a special you can get 1-10 barcodes (or hundreds) very cheaply. I would not buy from Ebay, they are just too iffy in my opinion.

No one can re-register any 3rd party barcodes in their name because GS1 will not do it - they want people to lease new barcodes for a fortune. But those barcodes are nevertheless in the GS1 database because they were carried forward from UCC, GS1’s predecessor, and can be used on Amazon to list products.


Grrr. You should not have resurrected this old thread. People waste time re-answering the same question. Next time just ask your question in a new post. Sh3eesh.


“The validity of a Product ID is checked against the GS1 GEPIR and databases. If your Product ID is not registered with GS1 then the linked ASIN will be suppressed and it may result in removal of your product creation privileges.”

For once, amazon is pretty clear about which barcodes are required…


So reading this thread has alleviated the initial monopolistic aggression that I feel I share with other sellers. But after buying an operating with a block of 1000 barcodes sold on ebay for $0.79 for some years now. The “conform or else” warning begs the question.

How can I tell if my barcodes are valid. IE from the pre 2002 issued barcodes that are present in GS1 DB?

After all the amazon black list is not something to play with. And the ambiguity of amazon “help” files leave much to the imagination…



That statement by Amazon requires that UPCs be in the GS1 database, not that you have to buy those UPC codes from GS1. Those two things are NOT THE SAME. All legacy UCC codes that you buy 3rd party are in the GS1 database. You don’t believe me? Go to GS1 and look up one of your old UPCs. It will be there.

UCC was the precursor of GS1, and GS1 included all the legacy UCC codes in their database.

This is the third time you have posted your incorrect interpretation as fact.


Do I understand right that if I’m a Company A from California and I bought the 3-d party codes that in the GS1 database belong to Company XYZ from Michigan - it’s not a problem at all?



It is fine. If someone looks that UPC up on the GS1 site it will show it was originally assigned to the Michigan company, but if you don’t care it doesn’t matter.


Thank you, Red Wing, your info are very helpful to this UPC confusing matters.

To your knowledge, is there a way to tell if a UPC is from pre-2002 registered UPC code or afterwards leased by GS1?

So in your theory, when Amazon verifies, it only cares if a UPC code was registered in GS1 DB or not, it doesn’t care if the registered company in GS1 DB matches the newly created product brand name? If that’s true, then the checking is almost useless to even prove the user has owned that code authoritatively. Because everybody can use some UPC code generator to generate some code and then check against GS1 DB first to find out which ones belong to a registered company, then those code can be used to create new product and pass verification as long as it hasn’t had a product with same code in Amazon system already. Do you know what I mean?



Hello Guys,
I read thru all of the above comments. However, since I just started looking into seller products on Amazon, Do I still need to pay $$$$$$$ for GS1 or I can get from somewhere else a lot cheaper? Will the cheaper UPC code be registered in GS1 database?

Sorry, I am totally brand new to selling stuff online let alone on Amazon.


And, I don’t own a company. Do i still need those expensive UPC from GS1?


It’s not incorrect information. I bought some UPC’s and they were FULLY turned down by Amazon because I couldn’t prove a relationship with the company that GS1 claims is the owner of that registration number. You can say RECOMMENDED all you want, but THAT is the lie. You have to be the recognized owner of that code OR you have to have a letter from the recognized owner stating that you have a relationship. Trust me, I just went through 6 weeks of hell to determine this.


I am extremely skeptical. This is neither mine nor many other sellers’ experience with 3rd party UPCs. Where, exactly, did you get those no-good, UPCs? You did not say.

But the biggest cause of doubt in my mind comes from you stating that Amazon provided you, a seller, with such detailed information about why your UPCs were not accepted. That is so un-Amazon like I find it difficult to believe. Amazon generally doesn’t tell sellers bupkiss about nothin’. Are you saying that Amazon told you that was the reason, or that someone else told you that.


I am in the Brand Registry program. I purchased UPCs from National Barcode. Never had an issue with Amazon accepting them.


Yes, RedWing, I am telling you that Amazon told me that was the reason. I am not being ambiguous. Here is the full response with emphasis added in bold (by me):

Greetings from Amazon Seller Support,

Dear Terrance,

This is Mia the associate from the Catalog & Feeds Team that has been assigned to your case, I hope you are doing well. I understand you are contacting in regards to the products you are trying to add. I can imagine the impact that this has in your business so I personally worked in your account.

Please accept my sincere apologies for the time taken to resolve your issue. I do understand that this issue has taken an unusual length of time without any resolution so far. This issue, if I may inform, is very important to us and we are working towards providing you a resolution, as soon as we can.

The team that is currently working on this case is requesting information, if you could please reply to this- e-mail with the following information, we will be able to proceed and provide a proper resolution to this case:

From the GS1 website, we can see that the licensee of the prefix is Natural Beauty Imports, Inc. Nbi

We need documentation that you are the owner of Natural Beauty Imports, Inc. Nbi, or an authorized person to use GTIN codes owned by Natural Beauty Imports, Inc. Nbi.

If you are the owner of Natural Beauty Imports, Inc. Nbi, please provide a copy of the certificate issued to you by GS1 showing your legal entity and associated GTIN prefix(s). If not the owner:

A copy of a letter from the manufacturer, or brand owner stating that the UPC you are using to list this product is valid and owned by them OR that you are allowed to use your own barcode to list the branded item.
Note: The email or letter must also include the point of contact with the brand owner or manufacturer, mentioning that Amazon can contact them to verify. This information can either be found in the footer of the email or indicated in the text

For Brand name: NINJA

We require a proof that shows the relation between UPC/EAN owner “Natural Beauty Imports, Inc. Nbi” and brand " NINJA".

I’m sorry for making you take an additional step regarding this issue, it’s just to ensure we provide you a clear resolution to avoid any discrepancy.

Also, I would like to inform you that as per policy, this case, once replied by us, will be open only for the next 3 business days and will then be assigned to auto closure. If by any chance that situation happens, you may contact us regarding this issue again using the following link:

We will be looking forward for your prompt response!

Thank you for selling with Amazon,

Mia M. Seller Support


I created a new listing and they temporarily blocked the listing and asked for gs1 prefix certificate as well. Use caution for those sellers who purchase barcodes outside gs1us and don’t have certificates.
They might not allow your listings.


ok, good to know. But for some reason mine keep working. Who knows.

UPC GS1 codes

hi. i BOUGHT 50 upc codes for 7 bucks on fiver.

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Some of my UPC codes ARE BEING REJECTED BY AMAZON. (Mid 2018). I purchased these UPC codes for a low price on E-Bay and used these codes for a couple of years without a problem. Now some of my UPC CODES ARE BEING REJECTED BY AMAZON. They can quickly confirm that these bar codes are not registered to me but to the company that sold them to me. This is a huge problem. GS1 BAR CODES AND ANNUAL REGISTRATION ARE EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE AND YOU NEED TO RENEW EACH YEAR. 1,000 bar codes cost $2,500 and an annual renewal fee of $500. If you do not renew, your bar codes with your individual account number WILL EXPIRE. Is there an alternative method to list items on Amazon without my own GS1 bar codes?


The advice given to everyone is not to buy your UPC codes on Ebay. You don’t know where those codes have been. Go to a reputable seller who will not resell your codes over and over again. I use Speedy Barcodes, but there are others.


This is an old thread, but I now know what happened to get your UPCs rejected. You are talking about a wholly different problem. The UPC you bought and tried to use was assigned to a CURRENT HOLDER of that GS1 UPC (Natural Beauty Products). Of course those UPCs won’t be accepted. You got snookered. You didn’t buy UCC bar codes – you “bought” active GS1 bar codes.

Which just reinforces the advice to only buy from a reputable reseller of UCC UPC codes, and not off Ebay.