Grow your business with the newly launched Amazon Seller Central Partner Network


Find apps and services to help manage and grow your business with the Amazon Seller Central Partner Network (ASCPN), which has been launched worldwide. Previously separate sites – Marketplace Appstore and Service Provider Network, are now unified for Sellers to discover over 5000 third-party software and service partners.

ASCPN improves discoverability with features like popular and trending, which guides you to make informed purchasing decisions from a selection of carefully vetted third-party partners.

Using a third-party software or service partner helps manage tasks like product research, filling out tax forms, or building customized reports.

For more information, go to the Amazon Seller Central Partner Network.


If we use these “carefully vetted” partners (for which I’m sure Amazon gets a rake on every subscription), are we insulated from harm done to our account by them? Or is Amazon happy to get paid to shill, but unwilling to take any responsibility for the claims made by their marketing department?


Not according to the #account-health category.


What fresh hell is this?


It’s the same old hell, just repackaged. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So… you dont have time or energy to train quality customer service, seller support, or address issues that have been raised by congress, sellers, and customers. However, you DO have time to dump a bunch of money into an ineffective tool in which you derive even more profits for shareholders so you can continue to bribe and cheat the system.



we get the chance to have more money siphoned out of our account for no or minimal results. yay!


Hello Sellers,

I understand you are expressing your opinions. Your forums = your opinions. :slight_smile:

I’ll just take a minute here to say that the ASCPN application and service solutions cover a range of functionalities across the selling lifecycle. Amazon doesn’t receive compensation, and if you use of the apps or services, you may leave reviews and share your experience with others.


Tis the season.... :triangular_flag_on_post:

I think Amazon could have worded this another way, but this rebranding is the same as the apps that were there before. They are just putting them under the Seller Central “brand” to consolidate seller tools and info.

We have been doing business for many years with a couple of the companies listed, they are essential to our Amazon (and offsite) business, and have been very happy with them.


this might explain why I can get no help from anyone in seller support but if I contact the same people that work in seller support on outside sites they can fix any problem if I pay them £20 per hour.


Amazon needs to reward, actually help (“seller support” is hideous beyond comprehension) and encourage their best sellers, some with decades of experience and filling Amazon’s coffers. Thousands of questionable sellers are flooding in while the site is bleeding quality, long term sellers who brought success here.
The problem with this rollout is that many who have performed here at a high quality level only have dread and foreboding for every change that has occurred in the last many years. So each new “opportunity” is viewed with with skepticism of the highest order.
“a selection of carefully vetted third-party partners” is a great selling point from an organization that has rewarded quality and high levels of service. Otherwise, not.


How do we grow our business when Amazon is constantly working against us?


How about if you start investing in some newly launched and effective Amazon Support?
Why don’t you invest in the people that you employ?
Why don’t you invest into problem-solving when all possible ways are used and really show interest to help a small business seller to sell WITHOUT ERRORS that the Amazon system produces?
Why don’t you invest into technical support teams, more?

Because how am I going to grow my business with Partner Network, when my business can not even function without Amazon errors on Amazon Seller Account?
Just wondering.
Kind regards, Tine


I do wish it were broken down into a bit more specificity within the categories, still this facelift on the feature and recognizing the importance of third party applications is, I think, a step forward for Amazon. I approve.


Have any sellers used these apps previously?

What is your opinion of them?

Any ones to use or stay away from?


I have had nothing but issues since the new Seller Central pages were launched. It is one major problem after another. Also, It almost always takes 3 -5 times to get anyone at Seller Support who has A. read my case request and B. actually understands what the issue is and how to fix it or to whom it should be referred to. This has not only been terribly time consuming but also detrimental to our business.


Teapplix is very buggy, It reset counts on me and sent a bunch of items that were long out of stock inventory counts causing a major oversell headache. Ecomdash has inventory management, but if you don’t use their shipping module it deactivates itself which, as I use Amazon buy shipping to cover myself from Amazons customers unusually high number of INR claims (compared with other sites) means it deactivated itself regularly. Trunk is simple but effective, Synder is a tad expensive but does what it promises


I’m a brand new seller and in reading the comments I’m wondering if anyone is happy with Amazon? I have a full-vaccination apparel pin. It only has a V2 design on it. Amazon won’t let me advertise because “it’s controversial.” sigh


But what about all the feedback apps? Isn’t the rules that we don’t contact Amazon customers? Won’t some of these apps violate Amazon policies?
So why offer them?


If I read your comments correctly, there are a bunch of apps that assist sellers in managing their inventory for FBM sales???