Great Amazon has taken actions to non-Verified purchase fake reviews


Maybe the 50 cent an hour workers only hurt US sellers?


He is correct, the vast majority of the reviews are on March 16, 2019. As a mathematician who has a rudimentary understanding of statistics and anomalies, there is enough evidence here for any numbers layman to come to the conclusion that these are fake reviews.


This has been going on for almost 6 months as far as I know but nothing has been done from Amazon side to prevent it from happening repeatedly. Why am I not surprised? :thinking:

  1. While their total indicates that all 12,294 reviews are five-star, here’s one that is two stars.

  2. Here are two reviews which in the text state that they are giving four-stars, yet five-stars appear at the top.

  3. The same reviewers names keep on showing up.

I conclude that this represents an inside job, and a rather sloppy one at that.


Look at the big picture, you are talking about Amazon here. As long as Amazon is making money from any mega seller whether it’s books, electronics or any product, they are not going to do anything. Amazon is ate up with greed & they will turn their head to dishonesty as long as they keep making money. It’s pathetic when you think about it. Management cares less about their workers in distribution centers as Tucker Carlson reported a few days ago on Fox & they care less about smaller third party sellers. Maybe more whistleblowers will come forward, but it seems like Amazon thinks they can get by with anything. Karma eventually has a way of making people pay.


And the beat goes on: 1000 plus Hijacked 5 star verified purchase reviews on a single product


Everyone reading this post, should click the link to: Report incorrect product information, as follows, citing the current number of reviews showing, at the time you, Report an issue:




Amazon hides behind safe harbor laws, which shields them from their incompetence in policing their own marketplace. This allows consumers to be duped. I see no reason why unverified reviews should be permitted. How the hell can someone truly review a product they never had?

You can report this to Amazon and also to the FTC. The FTC just fined an Amazon seller for $12.8 million for fake reviews, with all but $50,000 suspended if they comply with the terms of the settlement. I can’t post the link, but it’s on the FTC website and can be found in their February 26, 2019 press releases. This kind of stuff makes the FTC look like it’s doing something when they go after the small guy and leave Amazon alone to continue allowing unverified reviews. Anyway, offshore sellers are beyond the FTC’s reach but it would be interesting to see how they would handle such a case with a Chinese seller. Possibly beg Amazon for their help? The FTC is scared of Amazon… LOL


The FTC Press release, you cited, is in reference to making unsubstantiated claims, for a weight-loss product, in addition to the fake reviews:

The proposed court order settling the FTC’s complaint prohibits the defendants from making weight-loss, appetite-suppression, fat-blocking, or disease-treatment claims for any dietary supplement, food, or drug unless they have competent and reliable scientific evidence in the form of human clinical testing supporting the claims.

The order also requires the defendants to have competent and reliable scientific evidence to support any other claims about the health benefits or efficacy of such products. In addition, it prohibits them from making misrepresentations regarding endorsements, including that an endorsement is truthful or by an actual user.

Full article


The health benefits promoted by the seller/fake reviews definitely gave the FTC additional meat to sink their teeth into. But I believe the falsified reviews on their own were an important part of the case. The FTC is just dipping their toes into the area of fake reviews, and one could argue every unverified review posted by a user is fake or at least severely deficient in lacking credibility regardless of the reviewer’s intent.

Who knows, if the FTC starts fielding a bunch of complaints about fake reviews they will lean on Amazon to do something. Until then safe harbor laws give Amazon a free pass. And let’s face it, fake reviews touting the benefit of any product helps to improve sales to which Amazon is a direct benefactor of. Amazon has a duty to make a reasonable effort to ensure consumers are presented with accurate information, and allowing unverified reviews runs afoul of that. IMO, Amazon’s lack of effort to authenticate reviews does not rise to a level that should give them protection under safe harbor laws. But I’m no attorney and just a seller competing in a marketplace where Chinese don’t care about good business practices, intellectual property rights, etc.


If the FTC, would allow, multiple violations, by various sellers, to be reported, in a SINGLE complaint, reporting through the FTC, would be worth the time and effort, for those who are not selling the product and reporting, solely for the purpose, of cleaning up Amazon.

Most sellers, will not spend the time necessary or be willing to follow through with the information, if it does not directly affect their sales.

However, what many sellers fail to understand, is that the ongoing pattern of fake reviews, on Amazon, is hurting all sellers, even those, who believe they are not directly affected.

Electronic Code of Federal Regulations

e-CFR data is current as of March 8, 2019

Title 16 → Chapter I → Subchapter B → Part 255 → §255.1

Title 16: Commercial Practices

Scroll down to the last paragraph, under: §255.1 General considerations.


In order to limit its potential liability, the advertiser should ensure that the advertising service provides guidance and training to its bloggers concerning the need to ensure that statements they make are truthful and substantiated. The advertiser should also monitor bloggers who are being paid to promote its products and take steps necessary to halt the continued publication of deceptive representations when they are discovered.


Not familiar with the laws, could you please briefly describe how Amazon take advantages of the laws to protect themselves, not 3P sellers?


There was 1.2 million new Amazon seller accounts opened last year in the US, but most of those never even sold a thing.

A lot of those seller and buyer accounts are being used for malicious illegal stuff.

Many foreign bad guys have 20,000 buyer accounts and they do all kinds of illegal stuff. Posting thousand of reviews to inferior junk items sold on Amazon, or worse - posting bunch of negative reviews on top selling items to take an honest Amazon seller down and destroy their sales.

The bad actors are using vendor central accounts to hijack, co-opt or destroy other listings on Amazon. If you have a Vendor Central account, you can take over anyone else’s listing on Amazon. So with a Vendor Central account, it’s a major vulnerability that Amazon needs to close. With a Vendor Central account, a hacker can change someone else’s listing easily. One example is so called zombie listings takover : where they can find out products that have been out of stock for a while and go take them over and take over the reviews, doing all kinds of merging and splitting.

It’s insane stuff - We the USA based sellers look at and say: “Holy sheep, how do we compete against that?”

And we can’t.

Russian and Chinese hackers took over Amazon. Amazon Customers are getting fleeced… or worse! These foreign bad actors are not in it for long term business success. They are in to to make a quick buck and get out. They know that eventually Amazon will close their account (although they have dozens of spare dormant seller accounts ready to deploy) - so in the meantime they set out to do as much damage as they can. Earn as much money, any which way, then get out.

They usually do not stop at criminal hijacking of seller listings and unfair competition. Once a customer purchased from them, that customer gave up their name, address, phone number to the criminal foreign seller. Other hackers and identity thieves pay good money for Amazon Customer databases. These sellers started their career on Amazon untilizing hacking and thieving, so selling the Amazon buyers’ info is just an added bonus to their ill-gained revenues.

So it’s not just a USA seller who is on the hit list.
USA Amazon buyers are in serious danger as well.
Identity theft.
Scam Marketing Databases.
Cell Phone Scam Databases.
That is what the Amazon Customer’s names are sold to when the unsuspecting buyer gives up their details thinking they are safe buying on Amazon.


The Amazon System allows other sellers to steal your ads, hijack your feed back, change the photos, report you for placing your merchandise on your modified ads modified as counterfeit. And then your business could be hurt or even worst? I keep reading the same complaint over and over again using different items from different sellers. And to top it off the workers that are running this including changing your original placement and booting you for selling fakes are paid 50 cents and hour? Jeff Bezos Maybe created a systems error?
But he saved a lot of money!


Please check,Amazon has removed all his fake reviews some hours ago,but this fraud seller is able to immediately misuse another more than 7100pcs fake five star reviews today on March 17; So we doubt why he can be so crazy and why he can violate the review policy so crazy!


Aiming new seller accounts for suspend by the miserable reasons ie fake complaint.


Here is another one:

ASIN - B0742G9C3D


Amazon should crack down on Vendor Central abuse. Do they realize the Vendor Central tail Wags the Dog?


And my good friend for Amazon where is your evidence?


Looks like all the reviews are for variations that are no longer available… did he somehow just put a ton of similar items together so all the reviews are combined? is that what the OP is meaning by misuing so many items?