Great Amazon has taken actions to non-Verified purchase fake reviews


Rushdie has provided tutorials on reporting reviews in several threads; a post made 17Mar19 by Rush upthread might also be useful:


in the cases i see, the reviews seem either belong to another product, or they are taken from other similar listings. So they are verified. in many cases when you click on the reviewer’s name, that particular review does not show up in their reviewer profile.


Oh wow that was really a great article. Thank you so much for posting that. I saved a copy of the picture you posted.
Thank you very much.


How do you know what they get paid?


I missed that story also Rushdie, I’m just in awe at the depth and scale of the fraud.


Some of the reviewers have removed public access to their reviews. There is an option, for anyone leaving reviews, to “Hide all activity on your profile.” You may not be able to see them, but Amazon can.


Since I really do not want to start another thread, concerning fake reviews, I will add this on here:

When I look at Reviews on Amazon, I rarely look at the positive reviews, but always check the negative reviews, first.

Was looking at a Seagate drive and found the above comment posted on many of the one star product reviews.

Granted, many buyers may not look at the comments, under the reviews, but it is this kind of ongoing manipulation, that even Amazon cannot keep up with, unless customers hit the “Report abuse”, option, when comments like this are found.

I will not post a link to the review comment, for the simple reason, as stated upthread, I will not “advertise” for these scammers.

Take this as a head’s up and if you do not regularly check comments, under your reviews, I suggest you may want to start.

Make sure to check the “Top rated”, in addition to “Most Recent”.


Our friend Ancient Coin is speaking of prevailing rates for some labor, in nations like India, The Philippines, Costa Rica, etc., that command remuneration at such a minuscule hourly rate for labor wages.

But the nation with the largest number of folks engaged in such jobs remains the one with the world’s largest population (by far) - the PRC.

My post that you’re responding to was a reference to China’s so-called “50¢ Army.”


better watch what you say I did not and Jeff said your fired


No they found another way to abuse it as verified purchase

All feedback left April12th as verified purchase


A lot of the ASINs and links on this thread seem to have been taken down. I have followed the steps as far as reporting the ones I see but i have not seen results. I’ll put it here and see what happens :slight_smile:
These guys must have some inside person because catalogue team kept separating the ASINs from the hijacked ones (they hijack old and unrelated listings to use the reviews)but they don’t separate.


Most of their products have massively been review manipulated:


He misused 170pcs fake reviews within one day on April 28,all the reviewers name are :Amazoncustomer
Also you can find below sellers had the same violations,
zhang yubin
The Golden Swallow
we think these 5 sellers should belong to the same company,but we are sure they are from China

Below you can find other fraud sellers who unscrupulously manipulating Product Reviews, through various methods of co-opting / hijacking, an old, unused, or previously branded ASIN, by substituting a new product, completed unrelated to the original product:



seller: Etre Jeune-AXELECT Store





Hard to spot sometime.


Search TNSO and report them. Make them vanish from Amazon
They are the pest in this market.


yes, but Amazon can not judge thoes fake reviews


Some people change the stars


Why did some sellers exaggerate it to the politics issue?
First,I do not have any prejudice to Chinese sellers.
I am not saying all the Chinese Sellers are cheaters,also I admit China is a beautiful country.
I mean those sellers who misused fake reviews to engage fraudulent activities are cheaters.
I do not want to put any politics into business,each country has good and bad apple,we love good apple and hate bad apple. I believe Chinese sellers also hate those cheaters very much.
I believe great Amazon will have ability to solve the non-verified purchase review abuse problem.


I believe they’re able to leave multiple reviews under the same listing because they’re reviewing different variations. Even though the variations are not related. Sad to see and hope Amazon will eliminate this problem soon for the sake of all us honest sellers and the unsuspecting buyers.


Not so. I just posted a review of a mini-appliance I bought at a local hardware store that is exactly the same as one being sold on Amazon. it isn’t a fake product review. It’s a real review of a real product by a real buyer. I have reviewed many items I did not buy on Amazon.

Whether or not reviews should be from verified purchasers is a question that can legitimately be asked, but not because they are all fake by definition – they aren’t. Frankly, I would prefer to see reviews accepted only from buyers with X number of purchases on Amazon.


Two ways: 1.) be a part of criminal organization such as the one recently exposed in the New York Times article “A Business With No End”, or 2) buy the services of an overseas group that posts fake reviews for your products. Well, there is 3rd way - get your friends to leave reviews, but that will get you suspended PDQ.

Some of the reviews from the services are stupidly bad and almost identical, while others are very well written and even use different writing styles. The difference, of course, is the price you pay.

A good way to tell if a product has a lot of fake reviews is to look it up on fakespot dot com.