Great Amazon has taken actions to non-Verified purchase fake reviews


Great Amazon has solve the problem.

SBS falsely claiming "not as described"
I will go with another new post for those fraud sellers
I will go with another new post for those fraud sellers

12K+ 5 star reviews with no 4, 3, 2, or 1 star review. Just report.


He does not have any one, two, three, or for star reviews. That is so funny and the Amazon .50 cents an hour workers missed taking away his reviews? But everyone else is complaining? I don’t get it?
And the Ad are written in Chinese English? ZestyChef Earbuds? For Every Occations? — That is funny.
Where are the Amazon Police when you need them?


Evidence suggests that it’s not Amazon’s “50¢” workers that are in play here.

As ye sow, so shall ye reap…


Date first listed on Amazon November 21, 2018

12,282 customer reviews in 115 days.

These $0.75 headphones are printing money.


I don’t understand why Amazon doesn’t punish them. I only got 20 reviews a year.


I keep hearing sellers talk about fake reviews. How does one get a fake review on Amazon? Amazon doesn’t require reviews to come only from verified buyers? Can someone who has never purchased a particular item on Amazon actually leave a review? If so, Amazon could easily prevent this by requiring a purchase on Amazon before a review can be submitted. Of course it won’t stop a seller from buying his or her own product and leaving a review but it’s not likely that they would do that over and over.


Can a buyer review a product that wasn’t purchased on Amazon or from me?

Yes, provided that the buyer meets the eligibility criteria in our Community Guidelines. They can review any product on Amazon, regardless of where they purchased that product.

Can I write a product review about products I sell?

No. You may not write reviews about products you or your competitors sell. You should also ensure that your family members and employees comply with this requirement.


Black hat tactics have gone wild and Amazon hasn’t found a way or will to deal with the trend. :disappointed_relieved:


If you want a good laugh go through more than the first few pages of product reviews. There are reviews for surge protectors, iphone cases, and even an iron. One person says about these “headphones”:

“Very well made with a solid feeling hard plastic exterior, well thought out smart charging station (to power a total of 8 devices), a Velcro strapped 6 1/2 foot attached power cable & right-angle plug for tight connections to a wall outlet”

Love it! Do headphones really have a 6.5 foot attached power cable? Great reading for a laugh


all fake reviews


If I were Jeff, I would have fired the software engineers who have let the backdoor open in their system for so long (similar cases reported too many times), or this could even be an inside job?


All those 5 star reviews can’t be for real. I agree with the OPs sentiment. Everyone saying stupid things like “don’t worry about this because they aren’t hurting you” are just plain, incredibly stupid. I can’t believe there are people who are ok with this kind of marketplace manipulation.


Maybe the 50 cent an hour workers only hurt US sellers?


He is correct, the vast majority of the reviews are on March 16, 2019. As a mathematician who has a rudimentary understanding of statistics and anomalies, there is enough evidence here for any numbers layman to come to the conclusion that these are fake reviews.


This has been going on for almost 6 months as far as I know but nothing has been done from Amazon side to prevent it from happening repeatedly. Why am I not surprised? :thinking:

  1. While their total indicates that all 12,294 reviews are five-star, here’s one that is two stars.

  2. Here are two reviews which in the text state that they are giving four-stars, yet five-stars appear at the top.

  3. The same reviewers names keep on showing up.

I conclude that this represents an inside job, and a rather sloppy one at that.


Look at the big picture, you are talking about Amazon here. As long as Amazon is making money from any mega seller whether it’s books, electronics or any product, they are not going to do anything. Amazon is ate up with greed & they will turn their head to dishonesty as long as they keep making money. It’s pathetic when you think about it. Management cares less about their workers in distribution centers as Tucker Carlson reported a few days ago on Fox & they care less about smaller third party sellers. Maybe more whistleblowers will come forward, but it seems like Amazon thinks they can get by with anything. Karma eventually has a way of making people pay.


And the beat goes on: 1000 plus Hijacked 5 star verified purchase reviews on a single product


Everyone reading this post, should click the link to: Report incorrect product information, as follows, citing the current number of reviews showing, at the time you, Report an issue: