Grade and Resell Affecting IPI?


My company utilizes the Grade and Resell tool to recover profit on lightly used returned items. Amazon automatically does this and creates listings according to the condition - sometimes multiple listings for the same condition. This is all well and good but now I have over 20 different SKUs, all tied to my original parent ASIN, that are inactive and seem to be affecting our Sell Through rate on our IPI. If I try to delete these listings, I am warned it will delete the parent ASIN as well. If marked inactive, eventually that also negatively reflects on our seller account. Am I misunderstanding something, or does anyone have any advice on this topic? I do not want to stop using Grade and Resell, but we frankly don’t have enough returns to keep those new listings in stock.


SKUs with no inventory have no influence on IPI.


Ah, so I must have misunderstood that. Would you know another reason our IPI could be dropping? We are actually selling more via FBA now than we ever have as a company. Admittedly this means we are sending in more product than ever, but the FCs never have more than 60 days of supply. I am trying to drop that number closer to 45, but I’m unsure that will help either.