Got a Weird One


Big shipment, sent out via UPS as normal. All shipments normally go to Hazle Township, PA. Two of the boxes arrived delivered at Tamaqua, PA (never seen this before). The products in those boxes were never checked into my inventory (products show zero on hand, zero incoming, etc), but ARE listed for sale under the product listing page.

I’m not sure if I am going to get credit for them when they DO sell, since my inventory says zero on hand? Also, not sure how to proceed with contacting customer support on how to fix it. Side note, I do have all products listed with amazon seller barcodes (not manufacturer barcodes)

Any advice?


Check the fba shipments and see what the warehouse has gotten. Tracking/ recieved products etc.


FBA Shipment says shipment was delivered (per UPS tracking), but no products were ever checked into inventory (as in, none received)
But product listing says I have products available.


how many days has it been since it got to the warehouse. So some boxes were recieved and some werent? So i assume you checked box contents on the fba shipment. It will zero out when the boxes are there but havent been scanned yet. Should probably solve itself in a few days once they scan the box.
I have had where 80% of boxes were scanned then 3 or 4 days later they got to the rest. The whole time the rest show zero on inbound/ received etc. You can also check reports to see sku level detail to try to figure out wether those items were there before or not. You can also check the recieved inventory report.


Hey, thanks for your reassurance.

It all worked out this morning, inventory is in there just like normal.

Just took about a week total, and I hadn’t ever seen that before.


What does the received inventory report show?

Reports->Fulfillment->Inventory (show more) ->Received Inventory


It was showing inventory as not received.

But then the products were available for sale on product pages.

I was pretty sure I was going to get credit, since I use Seller barcodes for everything, but it was just weird.