Got a bilingual (Chinese/English) email from Amazon


See below. It came from Fulfillment by Amazon, address is no-reply@Amazon. I’m not responding or clicking - don’t know of any unaccounted for inventory at Amazon. Never saw this before. Should I report it? Pretty ballsy if it isn’t from Amazon.



We are contacting you because we’ve identified you as the owner of inventory that had not been previously allocated to your account due to an error in one or more of your shipments to an Amazon fulfillment center.

On July 14, 2021, we will begin assigning items to accounts that we determine to be the owner of the unallocated inventory. Between July 14 and July 30, you might start seeing items from past shipments being added back to your account.

You have not been charged storage fees for items that were not previously assigned to your account. Once the inventory is assigned to your account, monthly storage fees will apply.

For more information, go to our inventory storage fees Help page:

If you don’t want to continue offering these items for sale, you can submit a request to remove them. We will waive the removal fee for these specific items until 11:59 p.m. August 27, 2021. Starting 12:00 a.m. August 28, you will be charged the standard removal fee to remove units that were assigned to you.

For more information, go to "Remove inventory from a fulfillment center":

To see inventory that was assigned to your account as part of this effort, download your Inventory Adjustments report after July 30 and filter by following the instructions below:

  1. From the "Reports" menu, select "Fulfillment."

  2. Under "Inventory," click "Inventory Adjustments," and then click the "Download" tab.

  3. From the "Event date" menu, select "Exact dates."

  4. Enter the date range for July 14 to July 30, 2021.

  5. Click "Request .csv download" or "Request .txt download."

  6. After the report status changes from "In progress" to "Download," click "Download" to save the file to your computer.

  7. Open the report in a spreadsheet or database program such as Microsoft Excel or Access.

  8. Filter the "Reason" column to show "N" only, and filter the "Unreconciled" column to exclude "0" values.

The Fulfillment by Amazon team





2021 年 7 月 14 日,对于我们查明的未分配库存的所有者,我们将开始把相关商品分配到对应账户。7 月 14 日至 7 月 30 日期间,您可能会看到过去货件中的商品被添加到您的账户。



如果您不想继续销售这些商品,那么您可以为其提交移除请求。在 2021 年 8 月 27 日晚上 11:59 之前,我们将免除这些特定商品的移除费用。从 8 月 28 日凌晨 00:00 起,如果要移除分配给您的商品,我们将向您收取标准移除费用。


要查看由此项工作分配给您账户的库存,请在 7 月 30 日后按照以下说明下载您的盘库报告,并进行筛选:

  1. 从“数据报告”菜单中,选择“库存和销售报告”。

  2. 在“库存”下点击“盘库”,然后点击“下载”选项卡。

  3. 从“事件日期”菜单中,选择“确切日期”。

  4. 日期范围输入 2021 年 7 月 14 日至 7 月 30 日。

  5. 点击“请求下载 .csv 文件”或“请求下载 .txt 文件”。

  6. 报告状态从“进行中”更改为“下载”后,点击“下载”以将该文件保存到您的电脑中。

  7. 用一个电子表格程序或数据库程序(如 Microsoft Excel 或 Microsoft Access)打开此报告。

  8. 筛选“Reason”列,仅显示“N”,并筛选“Unreconciled”列以排除“0”值。



I received the exact same email. I am leary of it and came here hoping to get some insight. I’m not going to click through it, but would like to know if it’s legit.


I’ve heard a few sellers have gotten this email today


Did you ever send shipments that disappeared and were not added to your account inventory? If not, and all of your inventory is accounted for, I would ignore this but keep track to see if anything is added to your inventory. Then on July 30 take whatever action seems appropriate, if any.


That may very well be the case. I have had many missing items over the years. Thank you, RedWing.


@RedWing Haven’t had any shipments unaccounted for, have had some product disappear from inventory and Amazon told me nothing to see here to my great frustration, but it was only a few and a long time ago. I will definitely monitor and see what comes up in my dashboard. If stuff starts showing up, I’ll go through the steps. Very leery of this, could be a way to get control of accounts - missing inventory is enticing. I’ve only received emails from Amazon in English, no Chinese, so I think all sellers should just leave it alone and watch. I’ll keep you posted.


I got one too. I guess it’s sort of wait and see what shows up in my inventory. It looks like it’s legit as there are several threads about it and many sellers have been receiving it for a while.

Now, about that email offering me a free Amazon account to sell in Saudi Arabia…