Global rating and global review product reviews


I notice that product reviews are getting more and more. I can see that a global reviews has a text review but global rating does not. Both are combined for a total number of product reviews.
How does one leave a global rating? I tried to do it on some stuff I bought but it forces me to write a text review which would be considered a global review.
Anyone know how one leaves just a global rating?


That’s the key difference, Review & Rating.

If you are eligible Amazon will let you leave a Review, which they make you provide a title and body to.

Ratings on the other hand cannot be given unless prompted by Amazon. Amazon can let you know if you can rate something in a few ways. The most common way in my experience is for an Amazon Alexa device to ask you what star rating to give to the item. So if you ask a question it will finish the question, and then ask you to rate like this: “You recently purchased ‘Brand-Bath Towels’, how would you rate them on a scale of 1-5?”.

I have also been prompted to leave a rating on the Amazon app on my phone at the top of the home page and by push notification.


Interesting. Is this written in policy anywhere? I find it odd that a competitor has 5 x global rating verse global review where as I have 2 or in some cases closer to 3 to 1. I thought maybe they are manipulating reviews.
I know they get more because they do FBA and Amazon makes it much easier to leave a review when they send requests verse when they send a request for FBM there is no button included to leave one.


FBA products will always have leverage over FBM products. It is easier for Amazon to track things on FBA products as well. There is always a chance they are manipulating reviews though, always a chance.